24 May 2022

5 funny books for future dad

Your darling needs to prepare himself gently to become a father, so what books should you put under his nose?

  • Here is a selection of 5 humorous books that you can give to your partner to involve him in your pregnancy:

  • La grossesse expliquée aux hommes, by Gerard Janssen, published by Solar.
  • Le guide du moutard, by Jul, published by Glénat.
  • Objectif : père, by Francisco De La Vega, Éditions Hachette.
  • Journal intime d'un père indigne, by Fred Bear, illustrated by Pacco, published by First.
  • Guide de survie du jeune papa, by Laurent Moreau, published by Tut-Tut.
  • Something to learn and laugh about at the same time!