24 May 2022

What education to choose for the only child?

If you only have one child and you don't know if you should give him a special education, here are some tips to help you!

  • An only child often matures more quickly because they are only in contact with his parents.
  • Try to make them understand that they are important to you, but that they are not the center of the world.
  • To make them aware that they are not all-powerful, put them in regular contact with other children at the nursery, at the park, or with cousins.
  • The only child is often very demanding, a perfectionist who likes to do things right.
8 Nov 2022

My step son is 3 he is terrible at sharing he thinks the fact that everything is his only child only grandchild so far and this year he is getting a sibling and cousin he is gonna have to adjust to all the time I have the biggest fear that he will definitely not be okay with this new baby for example if anyone is in his old walker that he is too big for now keeping it for the new baby and he will try knocking it over I'm super worried it is going to be a lot idk how to get him to share and be more careful as is he kicks my stomach right now he isn't very gentle no matter how much we stress him to be any advice how I can make this smoother before the baby comes?


3 Aug 2022

Growing up as the only child and now I’ve realized my baby won’t have an aunt or uncle 🥺


29 Jul 2022

How can ppl have multiple kids? I can’t imagine doing this again to myself. Will have an only child I guess 🤷‍♂️ praying things get better 🙏


26 Jul 2022

I'm nervous. First time mom to a 5 year old girl who will be starting school at end of August. What should I expect. She is a talkative girl who has to be told a lot to stop talking. But she's not a bad kid. Just talks. An only child. She doesn't have friends close by. Dad is in another state for work and she gets emotional. Story teller.


20 Jul 2022

Can I just be a little upset? Our son (only child) is starting preschool in 2 weeks. First time in school. As the mom, I looked up his backpack, labels for his clothes/gear, snack containers, and masks. Confirmed open house. Then I pass my husband a list of 55 snack suggestions and he asks if I circled the ones I liked. He called it a book. I know SAHDs have a lot on their plate but I cant do everything either since I work full-time. Why does he have to act like I was asking him to shoot the moon. And he had just asked me to look up a puzzle he had seen on TV for our son.


12 Jun 2022

Rant: I don’t like pregnancy.. haven’t in the beginning don’t now, don’t think I ever will.. “you’re going to miss it” no I won’t! “They all say that” yeah well I’m serious.. when I say this is the only child I want I’m not joking… she has enough cousins I cannot! I’ve felt most symptoms and most of them don’t feel good.. From puking day in day out To terrible migraines everyday To bad back pain and cramps To anxiety because I haven’t felt a kick in what I think is a timely manner to My stomach growing so big I feel like a fat cow To lighting crotch and dry skin and aching legs and non stop peeing, and peeing on myself while puking or coughing, & painful kicks and stomach numbness and Charlie horses in my legs, to TERRIBLE HEART BURN, to CONSTIPATION! Oh and having to go to the hospital because she wouldn’t let me keep anything down more than a few times.. (to name a few) yea it can always be worse, yes, I’m great full she’s healthy but as for ME nawww!!! I’m celibate 6 months.. I’m coo! I don’t even want the sex that makes the baby’s anymore ! I am traumatized.. I won’t miss this…


24 May 2022

I think my baby going be only child for a long time this pregnancy is complicated here


16 May 2022

This is my first and probably only child and I’m having a girl. People keep telling me she will favor (as in like more) her dad over me. Is this true ? 🥺


11 May 2022

Is it common for me to feel sad that my baby wont be a only child anymore. He is so excited for his brother I feel awful that I am consumed with so much anxiety and self doubt


25 Mar 2022

This is my one and only child he is 17