24 May 2022

Better understanding the only son

It's not easy to be fair to your son who doesn't have any brothers or sisters, so here are some tips to help you understand his needs.

  • An only child tends to think that all the attention is reserved for him, so try to put him in contact with other children early on, such as in a daycare or with family.
  • The only child often matures early because he or she is in contact with mostly adults.
  • He may miss having a sibling to share memories with.
  • Listen to his needs and establish active communication with him.
3 Nov 2022

Def tired of not working I miss it sooo much but my husband is scared I'm going to lose the baby his first son he only has 2 girls n I lost his first son at 19 weeks n lost alot of blood. But I wanna work smh


21 Oct 2022

Anyone else waited a long gap before having a second? My only son is 7years old and im 5wp 😬 i am TERRIFIED. Idk why i feel like I haven’t already been here before 🥹😭


15 Oct 2022

Son son only moved once today he resting today but I bet once I'm off and ready to sleep he going to be acting crazy


3 Oct 2022

Okay so I have to vent here since I have no one to talk to. Long story short: Me and my husband fought a lot as teenagers in love, but now as adults we mellowed out and even grew up a lot by talking things out instead of making it a bigger thing than what it is. His mom did NOT like us arguing but stayed with us and supported us to stay together since she went through it with my father in law. My husband is from Oahu, Hawaii, native. So my in laws went to visit family while me and my husband worked HARD to provide for my upcoming bundle of joy. I decided it was good to post on Facebook about my baby to my family out in California and Mexico (I live in Washington state) where I’m from. And I didn’t think anything of it. Then I decided to tell my family and friends about it in person. My mother in law calls my husband SCREAMING at him that she was disappointed and that she did a lot for us and supported us when you’re already supposed to support your su on cause well HES YOUR SON and you’re only son. we didn’t tell her first we told my family in Mexico and Cal first since I don’t get to see them that often than I’d like to. I was shocked “how did she find out before us even telling her?” Turns out her friends was stalking my Facebook and told her when we were planning to tell her IN PERSON when she got back from Hawaii rather than on the phone or messaging. Now till this day she hasn’t spoke to me or been around me but it’s irritating to think she’s putting the blame on me like it was my fault. Is my mother in law right to feel this way? I want to make things right for my husband to feel comfortable but then again it hurt me to see she found out that way and blamed my husband and me for “keeping it a secret.”


25 Sep 2022

Currently My son only stops crying if Me or my fiancé walk around with him around our house back and forth and it’s been 6 times now 😅😭


20 Aug 2022

I'm so tired. My son is only 2 weeks old and I haven't gotten much sleep. Any advice to help my son sleep a little more so that I can? I mean he mostly falls asleep in my arms or on my bed but as soon as I move him to his crib he gets fussy and doesn't wanna sleep. Wat should I do to help him sleep more in his crib?


27 May 2022

I really love how we all woke up in the same bed.. but noticed that my son only wants to sleep with or by his dad now days 🥺😒 his bean head self be hurting my feelings.. maybe he wasn’t ready for a baby ..next time I think I’ll ask him 😩😂


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7 May 2022

😡 so because my husband is her only son she just called and told him hope to see him on Sunday with something for her , he looks at me and says guess we can’t go out to eat 🤬🤬🤯 wtf does that have to do with me . He should have made better plans cause I didn’t even know we were going out to eat … my head is all over the place ..


5 Jan 2022

So I’m in a sticky situation, on December 17th my mom got awarded permanent guardianship of my two babies, I was in an Extreemly abusive relationship and things were bad I how ever have gotten much better since getting out, and I’ve got my own place a stable job ect I’m with a really good guy. I get my kids over night once or twice a week. Since my moms gotten the guardianship things have been getting increasingly strange. Tonight at dinner my daughter explained that her dad (he’s not her bio dad but has been around since she was 8 months old) has been yelling at her a lot and it hurts her ears. So I didn’t even know she was in contact with him at all until Christmas I was told contact was cut because of a different issue, only my son was talking to him (he’s my sons bio father). I got a restraining order on my ex a month ago, I was living at my moms house at the time so my ex is restrained from my moms address. But my daughter is saying she’s been seeing him there, they have been hesitant to take baths and such, then when she was playing with her fake phone she told me she couldn’t show me her phone because she has secret pictures oh ya she’s only 4. My 2 year old son who’s never been afraid baths ran out of the bathroom yelling he was scared. Then when I was changing him he was telling me not to touch his butt (he’s in a diaper still and had a rash so I was checking it out) and he won’t give me kisses he tells me to stop. My 4 year old has a bad rash as well and was touching herself. I’m just at a loss. She also at dinner decided my boyfriend was her new real daddy. And no he’s not alone with them to do anything to them. I just am super confused and don’t know what to do any advice is welcome sorry if this is out of order I have been chasing them around and trying to type this all out. I’m worried. I’m scared


26 Dec 2021

Need advice .. my step son only spends 2/7 days with his mommy but everytime he comes back .. he comes back with a cold (he’s 2 ) so me and my husband get sick more often then Usually and I’m pregnant.. which is concerning for me . (It’s not covid ) but what can I do to prevent me from getting sick with my 2 year old gets sick