24 May 2022

Having an only child and educating them

Does having an only child affect the type of education you will give him? We give you some information on this subject.

  • An only child gets all the attention from parents, so it's important to distance yourself and put your child in regular contact with other children.
  • Try to preserve the child's childhood and have fun with them by putting yourself at their level.
  • Don't think of an only child as being so different from other children.
19 Aug 2022

Really thinking about after this baby girl is born, god willing everything goes well. I will be 37 in February, I really want to try for baby #3 my big girl will be 13 in May, I want this second little girl born in November to have a sibling just a bit closer in age. I know I’m getting older but I really would love to have one more. I am an only child and lost both parents and it’s awful having no siblings, I always desired a bigger family. I know it’s all if God feels it’s the right thing, but I truly would love this. I’ve even had a dream recently that me and my family were walking on the beach, the new baby girl was born and we started digging in the sand and found a positive pregnancy test. I truly believe it’s a sign. What do y’all think about having babies in later thirties, I’m thinking about trying a year after baby is born and if it happens it’s meant to be. My oldest doesn’t want me to have one more and I think my bf will do whatever I want to do really. But these are my thoughts all I know is if it does happen I will try to plan not to be pregnant in summer time this was brutal