24 May 2022

The personality of the only daughter

If your daughter is your only child and you're wondering if this will affect her personality, here's some information to help you understand.

  • An only child tends to mature more quickly, and you should be aware of this because your daughter will soon seem very "adult" to you.
  • As the center of the world for you and her father, think about letting her socialize quickly by putting her in contact with other children and little girls.
  • She is unique to her parents, but she should not expect to become the center of attention for all adults.
Suzanna Cruz
31 Oct 2022

Currently 17W& 4D. What helps stomach pain or doctor's say round ligament pain. When your trying to lay down. I never had this with my daughter. And when I get up from sitting I feel the pulling/stretching from my uterus. What helps with all of this. Swear never had none of this with my daughter, only with my son 😖


10 Aug 2022

Okay my daughter acts like she owns me or sum. Anyone else have a problem with their child only on one side and have EXCRUCIATING rib pain ? My daughter is only on my right side and my right rib I swear is gonna end up breaking.


6 Aug 2022

I’m so used to buying my 5 year old daughter something only lol today we was shopping and she said what about this for the baby lol I was like huh ? Omg I forgot I’m having a baby and it dawned on me like ima have to buy 2 kids things like 🤦🏼‍♀️


6 Aug 2022

My fiancés cousin just had her daughter and only pushed for like 2min. Can I please get that lucky? 😭😂


2 Aug 2022

I need to vent. .. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and my MIL can't help which is fine but she's recruiting her daughter and I can't trust that girl for even 10 mins with my daughter. She has an attitude problem and she's been arguing with her boyfriend and when she gets mad she takes it out on others. . That and she smokes weed. I'm OK with it but you watch my child you need to be completely sober. And thats something I know she cannot accomplish. My husband just doesn't get it either and he's taking tomorrow off to help me with our daughter but only after I mentioned his sister could get rough with our baby if she's arguing or upset and doesn't have any way to calm herself down. So now he's mad and now I'm mad because why is it so hard to get the assistance I need to get something done for myself. Why can't he just understand that I care too much about natalee to be allowing even picking her up roughly just to get my cavities filled?! May I mention I haven't been able to take care of myself in such a long time that I now have to get teeth removed as well due to the damage over the years?! My last relationship was a Sh!# show and so now that I have the chance I'm doing what I can for myself.... ugh!


30 Jun 2022

So I'm getting emotional and it's very hard for me that I'm not pregnant again. My daughter is only 3 months old but for some reason i get an overwhelming sadness about not being pregnant anymore and i want to be so bad! Any advice?


24 Jun 2022

Soo ladies… I hope this doesn’t cause any issues but I have to know y’all’s thoughts.. I went to the restroom here at my hospital and this little girl comes in to use the restroom. I hear her dad tell her to use the bathroom and he will wait for her. The little girl goes potty and then calls for her dad to help her wash her hands. Now from what I can gather because keep in mind I’m still in the bathroom stall doing my business.. the dad is by himself with his daughter. Anywho- she called for her daddy and asked for help washing her hands. The dad ran in, put soap on her hands and ran out.. then the water stopped and she wasn’t tall enough for the sensor so she called her dad again to turn on the water. The dad ran in one more time for the water and of course at that time some lady walked in and went off on him but he was standing there with his daughter. He NEVER looked anywhere and you could tell was only trying to help his daughter. I was the only one in the restroom so I didn’t mind. What do y’all think ladies? Would y’all go off and be mad or understand that he was a dad helping his daughter?


27 May 2022

My nephew hit my daughter in the stomach today so she come tell me and say mommy Jayden hit my baby 😩 I said where yo baby she point to her stomach 🤣🤣 Lawd my only daughter


26 May 2022

my daughter only likes to be active in the nighttime , so I'm deff team no sleep 😢😩😩


4 Jan 2022

Any tips on getting toddlers to take different types of sippy cups? My daughter will only use a straw sippy cup or a bottle. She won't use any hard spout sippy cups.