24 May 2022

Being the oldest child in a sibling group

Being born as the first child has its advantages, but also its difficulties. What does this particular place in the siblings imply?

  • When you are born the first, you enjoy the exclusive love of your parents for a while... until the arrival of a second child!
  • Feeling jealous of your little brother or sister is perfectly normal for an older child, but it's up to the parents to reassure their little one.
  • In large families, being the oldest child often brings with it responsibilities that make the child an independent individual at an early age.
6 Nov 2022

Induction in 4 days and I'm focused on getting my 5 year old feeling better from this cough and cold 😕 how do you ladies feel about your sick child meeting their sibling? any advice on how to approach it without excluding my older one and without getting my newborn sick?❤️ I was thinking hand washing as always, a mask and seeing how she feels ❤️ I absolutely don't want my older daughter feeling any neglect or separation from me or her little sister!


14 Jun 2022

I never wanted to be a S.H.A.M Honestly, I didnt want kids but God definitely has a sense of humor🤣. A lot of ppl have been asking me why I am taking off 3 or 4 years, so i can take care of my son. 1. That's none of ur business. 2. I meant #1 but i am going to explain lol 3. I dont trust other people to raise my son. 4. I dont have family and my bf family is dysfunctional. 5. I couldn't live with myself if something g happened to my baby while he was in daycare or someone else's care. Now, for the single moms, I understand why u would work. My mom had to do it with my siblings and I. My grandma babysat but she would charge my mom and abuse my sibling. So, my mom let my eldest sister( who is 8 years older than me) keep us. Eventhough, back then, it was extremely dangerous because my mom worked double shifts. However, what u do with ur child is ur business. What I do with mine, is my business. He gonna be a mf headache( He will be a libra😪) but he has come from my life choices. So, now it's my responsibility to raise him.