24 May 2022

Finding your place in the family

Finding one's place among one's family can seem a challenge today: changing codes, blended or single-parent families... How can we make sense of it?

  • The concept of generation has changed a lot over the last decades, as has the education of children.
  • While each one had a specific role in the past, family models are now multiple. Grandparents have become much more active. Some parents have a friendly relationship with their children.
  • Finding one's place can sometimes seem difficult. On the other hand, there is more freedom to define one's own role. It's up to you to find out together how your family functions.

16 Oct 2022

I went to get an ultrasound to one of those places you pay to see the gender.But not my Dr office the tech was so nice and it’s a girl we are so excited. But how accurate are those places has anyone been to a place like that and then come to find out your baby was the opposite gender. I really want a girl I don’t want to start buying clothes yet until my ultrasound appointment at my Drs office on the 31st. 


28 Aug 2022

Sooo I'm ranting I don't know how much longer I can take of this. So my bf and I moved my mom back in bc she wanted to help out. She's been back for 2 months or so and I'm going insaneeee. She'd always taught me that respect earn respect and I do respect her but it seems like she just doesn't give af about my household rules. Told her when she moved in that the only cleaning she'd be responsible for is the back room and bathroom that her and my son sleep in. I pick up his toys and she picks up after herself, simple right. Yeah apparently not. I've cleaned that room 3 times since she moved in to help her try and keep it maintained and the next day it's completely trashed with her stuff and literal trash AGAIN. I gave her a closet to put her things, she refuses to use it and just has all her stuff scattered across the floor of my son's room and it's so bad that he can't even play in there anymore. I've told her several times that it's really not that hard to keep it maintained. If you don't want my kid to mess with your stuff, then put it in the closet that I gave you to use. Instead she just chooses to completely take over his room and locks him out of his room multiple times a day bc he wants to get into her shit that's scattered all over the floor but won't do the simple task of putting it in her closet or simply throwing her trash into a trash bag, proceeds to throw everything on the floor. And we not even gonna start about her bathroom, just DISGUSTING. No one else uses that bathroom so I'm not expecting anyone in my household to clean it but her. Recently made some kitchen rules bc I'm tired of being the only one that really cleans that kitchen. Rule number 1 if you dirty it, use it, pull it out of place then it's your responsibility to wash it and put it back where it belongs. Stop leaving food out, bread open and everything just a mess waiting for ME to clean up after you, I AM NOBODYS HOUSEWIFE OR MAID. We are all grown adults, we should be able to take 5 min of our time to wash & put things back where they belong. She still refuses. Refuses to keep her dirty laundry to her self so I got it all together and bagged it up for when she'd be ready to actually do it, next day went to my neighbor, my bestie, and started talking shit about me to her. Telling her that I'm throwing away all of her stuff that she feels like a prisoner in that room and that I won't let her in my kitchen. She expects me to continue respecting her yet she's not respecting anything that I ask of her. Just simple little rules to help everyone out, clean up after yourself, clean your space. It's not my fault that you feel like a prisoner in your room, I don't tell you to sit on your ass all day in there and do NOTHING. You have MULTIPLE opportunities throughout the day to get shit done and get your shit figured out, you are just refusing to. And her excuse is always something like, we'll I'm your mommy, you should be doing things for me or I'm trying to heal myself by nurturing my inner child. First of all you're not healing your inner child, you're ACTING like a child even though you're not, even after I've grown up you still expect ME TO RAISE YOU BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO GROW TF UP AND GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER or even follow a couple simple household rules. I told her yesterday that I AM DONEE cleaning up after her. She responded with, well then I guess youre just going to have a messy home. No ma'am, if you're going to stay in that mindset then you can get tf out, find someone that doesn't mind RAISING A FULLY GROWN ADULT AND CLEANING UP AFTER EVERY LITTLE BITTY MESS YOU MAKE. She'd have a mf HAY DAY if I treated her Like this in HER home, and refuse to pick up after myself and my kids so why are you acting this way towards my home. It's bad enough I'm damn near full term cleaning up after my messy toddler, myself, my boyfriend on occasion and about to be cleaning after another little baby. I'm not cleaning up after those that are capable of doing it themselves anymore, I'm just not. I'm cleaning up after myself and my kids and if No one else wants to contribute to keeping up their part of house work and bills then get tf out and find a place that let's you live on your ass like a slob. Ughhh, sorry had to rant that all out.


1 Jul 2022

How do you come out and tell your parents that your homeless and pregnant and trying to find a new place all the while saving for a new one but now have to save for your 3rd baby. While sleeping on their floor or a motel I don't know how to come out and tell my dad and I hate lying to him but im so scared of disappointing him for a 3 time in 5 years


2 Dec 2021

Where best place put your fetal doppler to find the heartbeat? I am 11 weeks and 6 days