24 May 2022

Relationships between brothers and sisters

Siblings do not naturally become our best friends or our worst enemies. How do these unique relationships work?

  • The initial relationship is shaped by the family of origin, and those that place relationality at the forefront are more likely to foster strong sibling bonds.
  • Parents who promote dialogue to solve problems often pass this model on to their children.
  • To improve and maintain good relationships, you may decide to change some things: start valuing yourself, maintain contact, accept differences, or avoid judging.
2 May 2022

Hey! My name is Diana Del Vecchio. My husband and I have been trying since August 2021 to get pregnant. We found out in Sep 2021 we were pregnant but at 8/9 weeks we had a miscarriage.. no luck yet since. I have two amazing little boys from a previous relationship and they are just as much as us looking forward to a new future brother or sister! I’ve had a hard time tracking my ovulation and I think that’s really the hardest part for me currently about TTC. Every negative pregnancy test we get hurts my heart but I’m hoping we’ll have our little one soon ❤️