24 May 2022

Do I have a jealous sister?

Do you feel some form of jealousy from your sister? How do you recognize this negative feeling and deal with it?

  • Despite your sister's love for you, she may sometimes feel jealous of you. This usually stems from an inner sense of insecurity within the family. A jealous sister will feel competitive, especially in front of her parents.
  • Jealousy can manifest itself in different ways: direct or indirect, in the case of passive-aggressive behavior.
  • One of the telltale signs of jealousy is difficulty rejoicing in the success and happiness of another person.
24 Sep 2022

Idk if it's normal for me to be jealous that my sister-in-law had her baby and I'm still waiting on my baby girl and then her and her baby daddy have there room and want to trade rooms bc there room has ants and they been knowing that and never fixed the problem before the baby got here and I be feeling like my baby daddy's family only cares about her and idk or maybe I just be selfish or maybe bc I don't ask very much of his family but I be feeling like I'm used all the time and I might not live with my baby daddy but I feel some type of way about it


16 Jun 2022

Hi everyone, I am a single mom of two kids and I am trying to get my son (13 months) more interested in his baby sister who just arrived this last week. He wants nothing to do with her. I feel like he is jealous of her since I am giving her more attention than him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.