2 Apr 2024

Eyes Fully Open with Developing Vision

Eyes Fully Open with Developing Vision
Reaching the 28th week of your pregnancy is a pivotal moment, especially in terms of your baby's sensory development.
A remarkable milestone is achieved - your baby's eyes, which have remained closed until now, are finally open and beginning to respond to light, marking a significant step in the development of their vision.
The Unfolding of Vision Development
The opening of the eyes at this stage of pregnancy signals key advancements in your baby's visual capabilities:
  • Response to Light: Your baby's eyes can now respond to light. Although the view in the womb is limited, this responsiveness is crucial for the development of the eyes and the visual cortex in the brain.
  • Pupil Constriction and Dilation: The pupils can constrict and dilate in response to light, a fundamental aspect of vision that will be essential after birth.
Eye Development Progress
During the 28th week, the development of your baby's eyes reaches new levels:
  • Retinal Development: The retina, which plays a critical role in converting light into brain signals, continues to develop.
  • Formation of Eye Structures: Essential structures within the eye, like the lens and cornea, are developing further, refining your baby’s ability to focus and perceive light and shapes.
Preparing for a World of Sight
This stage of eye development is crucial for preparing your baby for visual experiences post-birth:
  • Visual Stimulation: Even in the womb, the slight changes in light that penetrate can stimulate your baby’s visual development.
  • Bonding after Birth: Upon birth, one of the first developmental tasks your baby will engage in is visual bonding with parents, recognizing faces and expressions.
As you complete the 28th week of your pregnancy, the opening of your baby’s eyes is more than just a physical milestone; it signifies the beginning of their journey into a visually rich world.
This development is essential for their postnatal life, where vision plays a crucial role in learning, exploring, and bonding.
For expectant mothers, this marks an exciting phase in the pregnancy, as your baby grows increasingly prepared for life outside the womb.
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8 Jul 2023

It’s 3pm and I just woke up and I still can’t fully open my eyes . I’m still tired and want to go back to sleep . I need energy 😭

🌹🌹Sharla 🌹🌹
That's how I was I was tired all the time 😩😩😩
27 Mar 2024


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15 Jun 2023

35 weeks pregnant woke up with blurry vision and shaky hands can barely keep my eyes open had coffee and food and still have very tire eyes have anyone had this happen before.

Check your blood pressure
27 Mar 2024


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Sounds like pre-eclampsia
27 Mar 2024


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