12 Mar 2024

Sport in the early months of pregnancy: advice and risks

It is possible to practice sports during the first month of your pregnancy, but you should take a few precautions.

Doing sports during your pregnancy will be beneficial for you and the baby. It will help you limit your weight gain and recover better after the birth. Sports also allow the release of endorphins, the well-being hormone. Ideal for a zen mom and baby!

Be careful to choose a gentle activity to avoid contractions, falls, and even premature delivery. Put away the boxing gloves! Walking, yoga, swimming, and aqua aerobics are sports that you can practice right up until delivery without risk.

If you have any doubts or the slightest pain, ask your doctor for advice!

10 May 2022

Pole conditioning+ pregnancy I have had a lot of judgement for continuing pole conditioning while pregnant, which is completely understandable. It's not a "common" act, but it IS completely supported by doctors for woman to continue their physical activities during pregnancy including weight lifting, pole, running, etc. Just remember you aren't going for gains! The goal is health. Ofc there has to be precautions just alike any other sport. Contact sports are NOT encouraged and any mama interested in having a fit pregnancy I recommend having all activities cleared by their doctor!


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