24 May 2022

Fear of childbirth: a completely normal phenomenon

The due date approaches and you alternate between fear and excitement? To be afraid of childbirth is normal, especially if it is your first child.

  • Fear of being in pain, of not being up to the task, fear of complications, or anxiety before giving birth affects many women.
  • Childbirth is both a psychological and physical ordeal, so it is normal to be apprehensive.
  • Prenatal visits and childbirth preparation are there to reassure you and help you manage this moment more calmly.
  • Whatever your fears, talk to your gynecologist or midwife.
Keisha "Da Pregnant"
31 Jul 2022

Dear mamas that are getting C-sections Or inductions to avoid pain, There is no way to avoid the pain of child birth. You will still have to deal with after birth pains which are NO JOKE! Also the recovery for cesarean birth takes longer. Inductions and cesareans should be done because of emergency situations not just for convenience and fear of childbirth or you're uncomfortable at 37-39 weeks. Of course you're uncomfortable. But it's y'all body y'all choices I'm just saying the amount of people on this app that talk about getting induced and C-sections is really alarming. But hey I support all births. But education is key.