24 May 2022

Decreasing the fear of dying during childbirth

Do you panic when you think of all the women who have lost their lives during childbirth? Don't worry, the fear of dying during childbirth is perfectly normal. Here's some information that will help you to play it down.

  • The days when childbirth was the leading cause of death for women are long gone.
  • Medicine has made enormous progress in limiting the risks during childbirth.
  • The examinations and follow-ups carried out during your pregnancy serve to check your health.
  • In case of problems on the big day, you will be surrounded by a team of professionals ready to act.
  • Be optimistic and relax!
16 Sep 2022

I’m truly NOT being suicidal in any way or form, I might just be exaggerating with fear of delivery which SUCKS! ☹️ I truly would like to know if anyone else fears of dying when going in delivery? Does anyone at all think they’re going to die?! Like it’s going to be too much for your body? And women sharing their “horrible delivery experiences” on tiktok makes it worse each time I have to skip through a video of those but then I feel like I just need to be prepared for everything and anything which is sad lol like WTF?