24 May 2022

Birth of a first baby

Are you getting ready to become a mother for the first time? You are surely apprehensive about this step and ask yourself many questions.

  • Fear of suffering, fear of not succeeding or of not being a good mother... There are many worries for most women.
  • The best solution to experience this unique moment in a relaxing way is to prepare yourself physically and psychologically.
  • Learn about the different methods of giving birth and ask your questions to the health professionals who will follow up with you.
  • Enroll in birth preparation courses.
  • And above all, keep a positive frame of mind!
30 Oct 2022

I hear the second baby comes earlier than the first baby is that true ? And How long apart was your first baby from your second baby ? Like was it a few days before your due date ? Or a week? 🤔


15 Oct 2022

Literally so blessed to have my baby girl (first baby) for the holidays! I love the holidays & now that I’m a new mom it’s going to just get even better! 🍁🥧👻🎃☃️🎄 who else is excited?! lol


27 Sep 2022

Hey ladies, What is something you wish you knew the first time around with your first baby or first pregnancy ?


19 Sep 2022

First day back to work mother-in-law came to help with baby now I feel at ease I swear idk what I would do without her because her son lord is clueless I get it first baby but shit we all had our first baby like come on. I’m trying to be nice but it’s hard lol my 14 year old is more helpful. Yest I had a moment just broke down crying and my 14yr old was just rubbing my back for me. Just feeling overwhelmed


11 Aug 2022

Its so stressful trying to get pregnant 🥺feels like i be going into depression thinking i cant get pregnant again😢i just really ready to have my first baby ,like i want to experience pregnancy ,giving birth all of that 🙏🏽🙏🏽😫i pray this year be the year of me conceiving my first baby🙏🏽🤞🏽


3 Aug 2022

So on the 20th I have my baby shower and because it’s my first baby it’s a really big deal to me. My dad texts me the other day saying that he and my mom won’t be going (she was planning on coming) but because he is having major back surgery on that following Monday so he needs to quarantine beforehand. That I understand completely because last year we lost my uncle due to covid when he was in the hospital for his cancer treatments (they needed to stop his chemo to treat covid but it took him from us) and so therefore I don’t want to risk my dads life to have him around a life of people just in case. Anyways, I went to drop off something for my dad so he could stay busy while he’s quarantining and my mom came out and we were talking and I told her that while I’m happy all of my fiancés family will be there I’ll have no one from mine there. She asked me if my sister is going and I said no that she told me she had “prior engagements planned” even tho I gave her the date of the shower months in advance and she said she would most likely be there. We have a pretty rocky relationship that I thought we were working thru it but obviously she’s still mad at me for idk what this time. I cried to my mom about it and she said it’s really shitty that she won’t even be there for her nephew but if she’s going to already be like that I don’t want her to be in his life because she’s very toxic. My mom said if it bothers me so much that I have no one in my family coming we should cancel the shower but I told her it’s not just for me, it’s for him too since this is his first baby too. I’m happy we’re having the shower with all his family and our friends but I’m still so sad that I wont have any family there🥺 sorry for the long rant


9 Jul 2022

Mamas who have had babies before, how many weeks were you when you had your first baby? Just curious to see as so many people say your first baby always comes late


20 Jun 2022

I can’t believe my baby has to have heart surgery 💔 my first baby my first true love💔 I don’t deserve this , neither does he 💔 this is going to be a hell of a ride but I’m not giving up ever .


1 Jun 2022

I’m 19 weeks today with second baby first baby was boy now I’ve got my baby girl making way by October ❤️


3 Feb 2022

I am 12 weeks pregnant, I keep getting like rumbling feelings in stomach, would that be the baby? Not sure when babys first move. This will be by rainbow baby and first biological baby so I worry