24 May 2022

Fear of an induced labor

If you are afraid that having induced labor will break the spell of this long-awaited magical moment, rest assured that there are specific medical reasons for this.

  • If your pregnancy extends beyond the theoretical term, i.e. 41 weeks of amenorrhea, the gynecologist may decide to induce labor.
  • At the end of pregnancy, the placenta ages and can no longer perform its role properly, which means that there are risks for your baby's health, from growth arrest to lack of oxygenation.
  • High blood pressure during pregnancy can also be a reason to induce labor.
  • In all cases, close monitoring is suggested and delivery is only induced if there is a risk to your health and/or that of your baby.
25 Aug 2022

My iron low my platelets Low my biggest fear is bleeding to death in labor I get induced Wednesday . He put me on medicine for both but I canโ€™t keep it down