24 May 2022

Body changes during pregnancy

When you look at a pregnant woman, you may think that everything is happening in the belly. This is not true!

Your body is undergoing many changes, both inside and outside. Your hormones are the main reason for the changes your body is going through, especially at the beginning of pregnancy.

Fatigue, constipation, heavy breasts... Your body is getting ready. This is only an average, but you usually gain between 9 and 15 kilos during this adventure. Stretch marks may appear.

Moments of fatigue sometimes alternate with bursts of energy that make you glow and give you a peachy complexion!

20 Aug 2022

Hello so my boyfriend and I have been trying for a little while to get pregnant I am about 14 days past ovulation and I have noticed some changes in my body that Make me believe that I am possibly pregnant as well as when I went to use the restroom this morning I had a milky white almost kind of sticky discharge and everything I am looking up is telling me that it is a early sign of pregnancy


23 Jul 2022

how do i make my husband realize that i’m not intentionally trying to be mean or “have attitude” at times. apparently this whole last week i’ve been mean but sometimes my hormones just go crazy and i don’t have control over them. i mean yes i did wish to be pregnant but he doesn’t seem to realize that i’m still having to accept all the changes that are happening to me. my body is different, i hardly ever feel pretty, i can barely eat half the time bc i don’t even know what i like anymore. im sorry if this is all over the place im terrible at writing my thoughts out i just don’t know what to do because i don’t want him thinking im mad at him or anything i just have trouble controlling these emotions


6 Jan 2022

How soon can you know you’re pregnant? I’ve been feeling body changes and it’s too early for me to take an at home test.


6 Jan 2022

I just found out I’m pregnant, almost 3 weeks along, what symptoms or body changes have y’all discovered during this time?