24 May 2022

Pregnancy: help, my body is changing!

During pregnancy, your body will undergo changes that can be confusing when you're not familiar with them, so we want to tell you everything.

During the first three months, things happen mostly on the inside. Your period stops, your uterus takes its place and it's a hormone festival. On the outside, your breasts become bigger.

In the second trimester, your belly becomes rounder and you gain weight, and your nipples may become pigmented.

Finally, in the home stretch, you add a few more pounds and your breasts start producing milk.

31 Oct 2022

i was 139 at beginning of pregnancy now im 150 😩 so weird watching ur body change


11 May 2022

Anyone ever feel undesirable during pregnancy? I’m trying to be patient with myself and my body but it’s hard watching my body change and feeling like I’m not as good looking as I used to be.


5 Jan 2022

Now don’t fight me cause I know how you girls like to tussle.. but y’all gotta stop being so judgmental on here fr. Pregnancy is a huge change on a woman’s body and some women don’t know how to handle it the same way you do, so they come on here looking for guidance from other moms. Instead of shaming someone for voicing their opinions, help them out and give them words of encouragement because your words can possibly change their mind on things. Not everyone has the same mental mindset as you and y’all gotta read between the lines and see that some posts on here are a cry for help. Help them cause we’re supposed to be building each other up as women, not tearing them down