24 May 2022

Meconium: some explanations

Produced during pregnancy in the digestive system of the fetus, meconium will flow out through the sphincter of the newborn in the hours following delivery.

  • Meconium is the term used to call the first poop of babies. This brown or greenish excrement is viscous and sticky: not very glamorous!
  • Its discharge is a sign of good health, as it indicates the proper functioning of your baby's urinary and digestive systems, this is why health professionals usually monitor this stage.
  • It typically lasts between 24 and 48 hours and is followed by the arrival of real stools.
28 Sep 2022

Hi, my baby is 10 days old. He pooped the meconium before we left the hospital but he has no pooped again. I am breastfeeding, but to ensure he gets enough food I started supplementing 40ML of formula. His doctor keep saying to try butt stimulation with a qtip and Vaseline. Any mamas experienced this? I really need him to poop.


15 Jul 2022

12:56 they just broke my water Meconium was found in my water break so I’m praying my baby doesn’t inhale anything or isn’t in any more distress 26 munits in Petocin


9 Jun 2022

An Update: So i’ve been in hospital since i PPROM’ed at 31 and 4, Today i am 33 and 3 Everything had been going good until last night , i went to the bathroom and there was green on my pad which they had told me before is bad because it means the baby pooped, it’s called meconium which after googling it ( i should not have done that) is associated with all sorts of bad stuff happening , so i called the nurses in immediately and they checked for his heartbeat and found it so that is good , they then hooked me up to the monitor for an NST to make sure his heartbeat is accelerating like it should and they called my doctor to see what he wants them to do , the monitoring went good ,they drew my blood and that came back as everything being fine and no sign of infection , so they sent ultrasound up to do one and just make sure everything is ok. i am losing my fucking mind, i don’t know how much more i can handle, literally every single time we get over one hurdle and i feel like i can breathe again something else happens, and it’s been like that my whole pregnancy , no fucking joke i swear to god i’m going to have ptsd from this whole experience , i fucking hate it , i can’t wait til the day baby is out of me and is stable and ok and i can then finally hopefully breathe a sigh of relief. I had cramping starting in my lower back and coming around to the lower front of me all night so bad at times it woke me up, i’ve had a headache since last night as well . so now they have me hooked back up to monitors and just put an iv back in to get fluids into me, i heard them saying to each other i might get “sectioned “ which im assuming means a c section , but so far they haven’t told me anything for sure , Now im waiting for my high risk doctor to come and see me when he makes his rounds this morning and he will make a decision on what to do, they had set my induction date for June 16th so we will see what he says, please if you pray say a prayer for baby boy and i or send good vibes and positive thoughts our way 💙