24 May 2022

Help: newborn colic is coming

Persistent crying, clenched fists, legs up, irritability… baby's colic, as frequent as it may be, is not pleasant for either baby or those around him.

  • However, you should be prepared for it because it is a very common phenomenon among newborns.
  • So, what can you do?
  • First, show patience and empathy.
  • Keep your baby calm, with a soft light.
  • Rock your baby gently and, if necessary, put her in a baby carrier or sling to comfort her and be able to go on with your daily routine and chores.
  • Gently massage the belly.
  • Always remember to burp your baby after feeding!
  • But above all, don't worry, infant colic is not serious.
18 Jun 2022

Any ideas on how to help my newborn with Colic symptoms? Pretty sure she is having some issues with it, along with being constipated. She is 3 weeks old 🥱 need advice! Tired momma!