24 May 2022

Gestational diabetes

What is gestational diabetes? The greatest enemy of pregnant women! Here are some explanations and how to reduce the risks.

  • It is also called "pregnancy diabetes".
  • Its symptoms appear at the end of the 2nd trimester of pregnancy.
  • It appears during pregnancy but disappears after delivery.
  • You need to be monitored seriously if you have gestational diabetes.
  • It can be more common in moms who are overweight or have a family history.
  • You can reduce your risk by eating a balanced diet once you know you are pregnant.
2 Sep 2022

Gestational diabetes moms Is it normal for blood sugars to be dropping with gestational diabetes I’m 36 weeks and 6 days my fastings have been in the 60’s all week and I eat carbs right before bed been eating chips and stuff like that they used to be 75-80 this morning I was at 61


16 Aug 2022

Ladies make sure your doctors are checking EVERYTHING with your bloodwork! I found some shit out on my own that my doctors did not find. STAY TUNED & read………Ok so I found out early at 11 weeks that I have gestational diabetes. Wasn’t diabetic before baby but cool we’re working to get tht under control. Butttt let me tell you this, the other day I get on Google & it said something about how some ppl with gestational diabetes might have thyroid issues too. So I decided to check my blood work. Turns out my doctors never even ran a TSH OR T4 test to check for thyroid issues. Why did I give y’all asses 8-9 tubes of blood for if u ain’t checking for EVERYTHING? 🙄 So I call them yesterday and requested to have my thyroid checked. They eventually sent it electronically, I go get the bloodwork, results came in today….tell me why my shit is flagged and hinting at hypothyroidism. So all this time I could’ve had thyroid issues and y’all asses didn’t think to check that too? Y’all suppose to be the doctors. Then child…I get my crazy ass back on Google to see how hypothyroidism could affect pregnancy… & lorddddd so many bad things are listed 😩😩😩 wtf. And I actually like my doctor’s office. They’re supposed to be the best in town but it took a NON DOCTOR (myself) to figure some shít it. I have a love hate relationship with Google. It stresses me tf out but it also helped me find out that I have a thyroid issue too (which I didn’t have prior to this baby). I need weekly appointments now!!!! I know God will cover this baby, so I’m trusting him. But mannnn I feel some type of way. Moral of the story: make sure ur bloodwork checks your thyroid (TSH & T4) & all the other shit. Apparently there are major issues that can come from it. Including infertility, miscarriage, preterm labor, placenta abruption, brain disorder etc. If anybody has or had thyroid issues share how your pregnancy is going..etc. Anybody is free to comment. With or without issues, I just wanna talk 😩 December!! Why aren’t you here yet!! 😤


12 Jul 2022

I failed my 3 hour glucose test. I have gestational diabetes ☹️🥺 Has anyone else out there been diagnosed with gestational diabetes now or in the past? If so tell me about it. Was your baby ok? I feel so sad. (I’m 16 weeks + 2 days btw)


21 Jun 2022

I am 32 weeks and got the dreaded call yesterday that I do have gestational diabetes. I now have to pick up the testing meter and strips and start pricking myself multiple times a day. My appointment with the specialist is next Thursday, my birthday and I just feel so anxious and I feel like I failed our son.


21 Jun 2022

Anyone have gestational diabetes if so how are you managing I'm having a hard time dealing with this


8 Jun 2022

Anyone with gestational diabetes drink the raspberry leaf tea? I just read that you can’t drink it when you have gestational diabetes cause it can cause distress to your baby. Thoughts? Share your experiences. I’m 37 weeks with GD.


23 Apr 2022

Hey everyone. I’m 27 weeks with my first baby and just found out I have gestational diabetes. Feeling a little discouraged. I’m worried how this might affect my baby girl and want to do everything I can to keep her healthy. I’m feeling overwhelmed with what I can and can’t eat. Anyone any yummy snack/meal ideas for gestational diabetes?


24 Mar 2022

Well I have gestational diabetes


1 Feb 2022

I am currently 27 weeks and I now have gestational diabetes, its been a bit of a rough spot my glucose level seems to always be high doesn't matter what I eat. Any help on how to safely control it without going on insulin


12 Dec 2021

Does any moms on here have gestational diabetes what to expect its my first pregnancy.