24 May 2022

Why should you stop smoking during pregnancy?

Along with alcohol, smoking is one of the biggest enemies of pregnant women and poses very serious health risks to your child.

Cigarettes contain many substances that are harmful to you, but even more so to the baby you're carrying. Here are the many risks that pregnant women who smoke face:

  • miscarriage
  • premature birth
  • complications during delivery
  • a low birth weight baby
  • stunted growth
  • a baby with weakened immune system
  • sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

If you smoke, quitting will be the best gift you can give your child!

2 Nov 2022

I need some advice! Are there any alternatives to weed that i can do or take that is okay for the babies? Sometimes i want to smoke but am worried it’ll fuck them up….I’m dealing with a narcissistic partner and am carrying twins. He stresses me out and I’m afraid of them being stressed. Puhlease help me lol. Any moms who did maryjane during pregnancy? eating or smoking?


8 Aug 2022

Is it completely safe to do the vuse while pregnant? I know I heard the smoking and vaping during pregnancy and the baby turned out fine. But I would like to be sure too. I haven't vaped as much just bc of the babys sake. But I've only done it here and there just to satisfy my nicotine level.


21 Jul 2022

Can we talk about smoking weed during pregnancy with out shaming anyone for doing it ?? I work in pediatrics and I’ve seen it a lot of times , I’m not a smoker , I’ve done it once in a while with my partner before pregnancy, but now I feel like weed would really calm me down and help me sleep and take this anxiety away , it has been so hard since I’ve been off my phyc meds !! Of course my bd won’t give me none because he’s afraid weed can hurt the baby but let’s be honest what’s worst for baby !? to get on a sleeping aid or smoke weed ? Has anyone here smoked through out their pregnancy?


7 May 2022

Did anyone smoke during early pregnancy? I just found out yesterday that I’m pregnant and I was still smoking black and milds. Wasn’t sure if that could cause early miscarriage or not.


23 Apr 2022

So ladies I need some advice because I'm a smoker. But I cut back on cigarettes when I found out I was pregnant. what is the best way to quit smoking completely during this pregnancy