24 May 2022

Your baby's size and weight

It is important to know that each fetus has its own development pace, and only your gynecologist can confirm that your baby is healthy.

When you have your ultrasound appointment with your doctor, they will calculate the approximate height and weight of your baby. The fetus is measured from head to heel. These are the average measurements that you will receive.

It is estimated that the baby weighs and measures:

  • Between 0.03 and 0.19 in during the 1st month of pregnancy;
  • Between 4 and 5 in and between 0.24 and 0.44 lb during the 4th month of pregnancy;
  • Between 15 and 17 in and between 3.7 and 4.8 lb in the 8th month of pregnancy;
  • Between 17.7 and 19.7 in and between 5.2 and 7.2 lb before term.
21 Oct 2022

So the meds they have me on for my depression is actually working who would know that I actually needed to be on meds wow I’m in shock with myself plus I lost all the baby weight I now wear a size small medium and large I never been this size since high school I was in a 2x when I was pregnant


6 Oct 2022

Y’all, I have gained no weight this pregnancy but baby is healthy and the perfect size…I’m eating, it’s not like I’m starving, I even just came back from a vacation where I ate all day…idk


16 Aug 2022

Today I had my 20 wks sonogram baby anatomy as the Sono tech was doing her thing everything sounded good she said the baby looked good and the heart beat was what it was supposed to be even told me the gender and said congrats. Walked me into lobby to wait for the nurse to call me in to take my vitals and see the Dr as usual when the Dr came in she informed me that baby was on the smaller size. So she was gonna have to refer me to a specialist for that I'm super stressed now because now I have a referral on top of another referral due to me having gestational diabetes.. I've been going online and looking at the weight baby is supposed to be at this time and I'm now even more scared since my baby is only half that size. Has anyone on here gone or going thru something similar


8 Jul 2022

17 weeks today!! Mommy is feeling alot better today ☺️. When they say you’re baby is the size of a cucumber, does that mean length wise or weight? I’m confused?!!


8 Jun 2022

My baby was under weight this visit. He was the size of 28weeks when I'll be 30 tomorrow. That made me a little nervous and scared. Talking bout having him early and stillbirth and stuff. Now I'm have to go to a stress class twice a week. Ugh. But I'm gone change some things up. So my next visit in two weeks has some better news. #Cantkeepmedown.


14 Jan 2022

Everytime I go to my doctors appointment I am the same weight from when I was not pregnant, I am 32 weeks already, baby is good in size and belly is measuring good? Should I be concerned?


23 Dec 2021

My baby is only 8.9 ounces and I'm trying to get her weight up I'm 32 weeks and 2 days I've been trying everything to get her weight up so she can be a good size baby when she is born how do I do it


29 Nov 2021

Going grocery shopping next Thursday. Please spam me with healthy/tasty treats and snacks. I was losing weight and lost 54 lbs but now it's harder to tell myself no. Gaining weight with baby is expected. But I was a size 4 10 yrs ago, got pregnant and remembered how much I love food and have struggled ever since. Please help!!