24 May 2022

Mom, baby... What are the things to bring for the birth room?

It’s not necessary to bring the whole maternity suitcase into the birth room. The mom-to-be should only bring the bare essentials for her comfort and to welcome her baby.

  • The bag for the birth room must be prepared in parallel with the maternity suitcase, which will be taken directly to your room after the birth.
  • This bag contains everything you need to ensure that your delivery and the baby's arrival into the world go smoothly.
  • Inside, a long-sleeved cotton bodysuit, a wool top, velvet pajamas, a pair of socks, and a soft cotton hat.
  • For the mother, a loose-fitting t-shirt or nightgown, and a pair of socks and a vest to ward off the cold in the delivery room.
  • A file containing your last ultrasounds, your medical exams and blood tests, your health insurance cards, and the declaration of anticipated birth.
  • Something to relax while waiting for the baby: books and magazines, music...
  • Change of clothes for the father, snacks and of course... the camera!
  • In case of doubt, don't hesitate to ask your questions to the midwives.