24 May 2022

Measuring a dilated cervix: how many fingers?

At the end of your pregnancy, your cervix opens to let the baby through. How is cervical dilation measured?

  • The cervix closes completely during pregnancy to protect the fetus.
  • At the time of birth, it opens about 1 cm, then gradually dilates due to contractions.
  • Monitoring the opening of the cervix is therefore essential during delivery.
  • The midwife measures the dilation of the cervix by performing a painless vaginal examination and counts 1 cm per finger.
  • When the open cervix reaches 10 cm, the way is clear for the baby!
14 Oct 2022

I had my 38 week check up today! Dr said he would be surprised to see me at my next week's appointment before seeing me in labor at the hospital first 😳❤️ he checked my cervix and I am dilated to a 2.5 and she is very low fingers crossed 🤞 #38weeks #babygirl #cantwait #dialated #cervixcheck


16 Sep 2022

Do I really need a C-Section if baby is low but my ob says she’s floating and needs to be a little lower but he can feel her head with only 2 fingers now . Before it took him 4fingers. Also my cervix opened a little don’t think I’ve dilated he hasn’t told me anything on me dilating . I will be induced Next Wednesday on the 21st my due date is the 17th this Saturday but I’m passing my due date. Trying everything to get her here before my induce date. I don’t want no C-Section. I want to have her vaginally . I thought I would have her vaginally bc she is head down 😢. Also I’ve been having bad back pain & Vaginal Sharp pains & Bad Vagina Pressure