24 May 2022

Thinning of the cervix: the way is clear for baby!

The cervix plays a vital role during your pregnancy. When it is fully open, birth is imminent!

  • Your cervix closes to keep the fetus safe until the 9th month, and only as you approach delivery does it begin to dilate.
  • If it opens prematurely, the doctor will put you on rest to stop the process.
  • On the big day, with the contractions and the pressure of the baby's head, the thinning of the cervix progresses gradually until the cervix finally reaches an opening of 10 cm.
  • Only then will you be able to start pushing!
10 Oct 2022

I had all the signs last week. Lost my mucous plug, was 1cm dilated,head was low, cervix was thinning, Braxton hicks, then nothing. No signs of baby lately. 38 weeks 5 days.


7 Jul 2022

I'm getting mani and pedi done. I had rough night but I already had this appointment made. I was sweating my butt off last night and had 4 hours of false labor contractions. The contraction app told me it was too irregular and not in active labor. My cervix has to be thinning or my mucus plug because I did have some bloody discharge (NOT bloody show). Stomach is nonstop tight today with some lightening crotch pains. I'm going to try to take it easy until doctor appointment tomorrow. I really hope my body is gearing up to have baby soon! #braxtonhicksnonstop