24 May 2022

The single-parent family and its assets

Single parenting, okay, maybe it wasn't your dream as a little girl when you imagined raising your kids, but you know what, it's full of advantages.

  • First of all, there are no arguments about raising the kids, you're the one who decides and manages the day-to-day.
  • You have a very special relationship with your children and don't have to share their hugs.
  • If the father exercises his rights and duties, you'll regularly have weekends without children to enjoy your life as a woman and go out with friends.
  • Finally, your children will often become independent more quickly than others!
15 Oct 2022

I'm so done getting treated like shit like why I all way got to be the one to do everything for out so and make sure he get everything he needs I feel like a single parent without being single 😭😭😭


7 Jul 2022

I feel alone 😔 this how imagine My pregnancy going I hope things around for me I really don't want To be a single parent again I really 😔 😟


2 Jul 2022

i just snapped and i feel horrible , i’m tired , a single parent with a 3 year old and pregnant… no help so far with either dad , i fell asleep and woke up to my son pouring sunscreen all over my furniture and carpet after i just cleaned it fucking broke down … no more nice mom … the only way these kids are provided for is by me , see them is cuz i drop off and pick up , i get the dad lyfts and food wen he has him even hotel rooms so he can visit with his son comfortably cuz he was homeless … but when i stopped he will not come get him he won’t do anything , he posted my son on his birthday but didn’t call text send $5 nothing but today he’s going on a trip with his friend for his friends birthday i snapped… i have full custody of my son so he can go back to court i’m done being nice … this man is 34 years old there’s no excuse…:


31 May 2022

So I really need some advice… my bd randomly texted me saying he’s out like he wishes me the best with MY new blessing, he wishes me the best,blah blah…meaning I’m about to be a single parent again💔 We had just planned to do a photoshoot gender reveal and now I don’t want to do anything like no gender reveal, no pics, no baby shower like I’m so embarrassed because this happened with my 1st bd and now here I am again left to figure it all out…I just thought this time would be different I’m so so so embarrassed because I know ppl will ask “where is he” I don’t even wanna deal with that😔😔😔 like I’m so shame I’m about to go through this again. I feel like a terrible person for putting myself back in this situation. I’m already dealing with anxiety and depression like BIG TIME…truth be told I’m just really embarrassed and scared😞😞😞😢😢😢😢😢😢any mommies made it out of this kinda of situation positively like how do get over this asap


20 May 2022

Apparently I make him feel like he's in a prison maybe a single parent all over again but yet I'm the one person that does so much for him and is there for him but you know what go back to everyone that turned their back on you.


25 Jan 2022

Honestly I dont know what to do with my boyfriend, he won't help with our children at all. I've asked him time and time again to help. I do everything cook clean pay Bills take care of our children. I feel like I'm a single parent even tho I have a boyfriend. Am I better off without his lazy selfish ass?


24 Jan 2022

Hello I'm bridgette a mother to 1 daughter had 6 miscarriages im from flint mi work 4/5 days a week single parent been dou g this solo threw the hole pregnancy and her hole life no friends no life but with her and Im going insane


16 Jan 2022

I’ve been really sad all day… the dad all of a sudden doesn’t agree with the pregnancy and wants me to terminate. I don’t want to be a single parent.. i just need some words of encouragement 😕


13 Jan 2022

Today I became a "single parent." My husband is in jail and today was his sentencing! He got 300 days. He has 65 days served and with good behavior he should be out July 16th! It has already been along 65 days! He was the sole provider for the family. With all this going on I had to go back to work! I have been a stay at home mom for the past 5 years! Between work, school, and sports! How do you single moms do it?


5 Jan 2022

I am 30 years old. This is my first pregnancy. I am very excited. However, my boyfriend is 26 and has not been supportive. He wants me to have an abortion. I told him that wasn’t an option and I am standing on it. Now I haven’t heard from him in a couple days. How long should I give him time and be patient? What should I do? I feel alone and don’t want to be a single parent.