24 May 2022

How custody rights work

You have just separated from the father of your children and you are wondering how custody rights work? Explanations.

  • It is the family court judge who is responsible for granting visiting and accommodation rights, commonly called "custody rights".
  • Most often, the judge gives residence to one parent and visiting rights to the other.
  • Sometimes, the court decides that the best solution is to have alternating residence, which means that the child shares custody between two homes.
  • In the interest of the children, try to reach an amicable agreement with your ex-spouse.
22 Sep 2022

If you and the father is not together, you should probably look up custody laws in your state. Majority of the time the mom has just as much rights as the father do. But If your in a situation where your baby has been in with you in your care since birth and someone is trying to take you child. Then you need to go get custody of your child. The last thing you need is someone taking your child and the police don't do shit about it. Because If you call the police the first thing they are going say is... is it a custody agreement put in place? If you say no they are not going to help you.


6 Jun 2022

I have three weeks left. I feel so bad cause I really don’t have attachment to my child this been so depressing n miserable and feeling alone I even ask the father do he want custody of his son cause I don’t want know dealings with him he told me if I sign all my rights. My family told me I need to think more about my decision. I’m just going to keep praying