24 May 2022

Can I take a shower after my water breaks?

If your water has broken, and you're wondering whether you should rush to the maternity ward or if you have time to shower, here are some answers.

  • For some women, delivery occurs quickly after their water breaks, while others may have to wait another day or two.
  • However, once the water breaks, germs can easily reach your baby, so it is advisable to go directly to the maternity ward.
  • The OB-GYN will take a sample from the cervix to make sure there is no infection.
  • If your baby doesn't arrive right away, you will have the opportunity to shower or bath there, under supervision.
24 Jun 2022

One last question lol when your water breaks do you immediately go to the hospital? Or do you still have a little time to labor at home ? I know sometimes your water don’t break but if it does will I have time to like shower and put on dry clothes and labor at home a little bit longer or water breaking is like an immediate go to the hospital?