24 May 2022

The loss of the mucus plug

The mucus plug closes the cervix to protect the baby during your pregnancy. What happens when it falls out?

  • Generally, the loss of the mucus plug is one of the warning signs of childbirth, especially if accompanied by contractions and water loss.
  • However, it can occur at any time during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
  • Its expulsion is caused by the contractions and the pressure of the baby's head.
  • It is completely painless and, because it is gelatinous and soft, it mixes with vaginal discharges.
  • You probably won't even realize you've lost it!
20 Oct 2022

38 weeks and 4 days today! 1 of my last 2 appointments til my due date in a couple hours. Don’t know why I get so anxious, maybe just cause I’m getting so close! Still no loss of mucus plug or any signs of labor, but at 37 week growth scan baby measured in at 6lbs 4oz. Gahhh what should I expect today! Only good vibes ❤️


Boy Mama to Be
16 Aug 2022

36 weeks 3 days Has anyone started drinking the raspberry tea? I want to start but don’t know if it’s too soon? Has anyone noticed it helped? I don’t have my follow up appointment for another week. I’ve started with waking on my treadmill & bouncing on the pregnancy ball to get him kinda ready. My mom says I should just let him be & just wait. I haven’t had any loss of mucus plug or anything. Just looking to see if anyone has done anything to prepare


9 Aug 2022

I have cramps in lower pelvis and lower back but no spotting, no loss of any parts of my mucus plug. I hope I’m going somewhere soon with this. 37 weeks today!


7 Jul 2022

29wks&1d today went to the hospital because of back pain & loss of mucus plug when i got hooked up to the machines i was having contractions but they sent me home because i wasn’t dilated & told me to come back if the contractions was less than 10min but hopefully she’s not trying to come early not rn baby k 💕


4 Jul 2022

Lets talk mucus plug loss.....what's it look like? I have gone to bathroom 2 different times today and had like a wod of snot (sorry for TMI) either in my underwear or on tissue paper. Could this be it? I'll be 35 weeks Wednesday.


27 Jun 2022

What are y’all’s thoughts on induction? I’m almost 39 weeks and I’m showing 0 sign labor 🥲 no contractions, no loss of mucus plug, my nipples aren’t leaking… they have brought it up but I haven’t known how to feel about it. I have an appt tomorrow and they’re checking to see if I’m dilated & what not, and I just want to be prepared with an answer if they ask me about induction