24 May 2022

Pregnancy denial: what are the symptoms?

Pregnancy denial: a phenomenon that is still poorly explained, yet very real. Are there any signs that can be used to detect it?

Some women who are in pregnancy denial have no symptoms at all. Sometimes they even continue to have their periods every month, but psychologically they are convinced that they are not pregnant.

We know that there is partial and total denial.

  • In the first case, women eventually admit the reality.
  • In the second case, some women may go so far as to justify the swelling of the belly by saying they have renal colitis or even gastroenteritis.
18 Oct 2022

After a miscarriage in 2018, stopping depo in 2020, and experiencing irregular menstruation cycles for the last 3 years, I am pregnant and have no idea how far I am. Well kinda. Went to the doctor at the end of August and wasn't pregnant. No cycle since July. And now I have 3 positive tests. So I'm a little stressed. This pregnancy is like no other... Constant nausea, constipation, morning sickness, and loss of appetite. I was in denial even though a daughter is my heart's desire. I don't want to get my hopes up high. I'm nervous.


16 Sep 2022

👀 How long were y’all in denial after finding out you were pregnant? I was in denial my whole first 2 trimesters. There were a few times I wanted to buy extra pregnancy tests even after seeing the ultrasounds and hearing his heartbeat 😂 I was convinced I wouldn’t fully grasp it until I was in the hospital holding him


29 Jul 2022

Whats the best time of the morning to take a pregnancy test? Gonna take another tomorrow because I'm in complete denial


27 Jun 2022

I’m new to this app so minus well share a little back story. Back n December I had misscarried my first pregnancy. Wasn’t able to find out till mid February. But I kinda already knew but was jus in denial, cuz I noticed how my body wasn’t going thro any type of changes. I had went to the er when the miscarriage was first starting an they told me not to worry about the bleed so I thought everything was okay🤷🏽‍♀️ anyways months go by of trying an nothing. Up until 2 months ago when i realized I was late on my period by 4 days. Which for me is normal but I had a really strong feeling to take a test. An for half the day something in my head was screaming at me to take a test so I bought a cheep $1 one…positive. But a more accurate one…positive. Ofc I was happy but scared if it might end up like my last pregnancy. I got into an accident bout 5 days ago so I went to the er to make sure I was still pregnant. Laying on tht table I started having a anxiety attack thinking I was going to hear bad news. I actually got to see the heartbeat🥺I was happy an was finally able to let myself be happy about this pregnancy now tht I seen proof the baby was okay. Anywhooo I’m Christine, I’m 20 years old, an jus hit 9 weeks today:) I love making new friends cuz all the ones I did have kinda stopped talking to me as soon as I stopped drinking😜


22 Dec 2021

I just took a pregnancy test, I see a very faint line and I need advice. It's my first pregnancy and it's very unrealistic to me. I'm in denial like crazy and currently not in contact with my child's father. I'm only 4 weeks and 2 days by my calculations. I'm afraid to go to the doctor out of fear that I may not be pregnant. I'm all mixed up but I'm pregnant is what the test says, so what's next?