24 May 2022

Painful childbirth: how to cope?

If there is one thing that is difficult to manage during childbirth, it is the pain (while the daddy-to-be is comfortably sleeping while we're hurting…).

  • We all know that at the end of labor, it can be so intense that it becomes difficult to bear.
  • Know that there is no stupid question here
  • What if I couldn't do it, what if I couldn't face it…
  • Don't worry, of course, the pain can be very intense, but the medical team has a whole range of solutions to relieve you.
  • On top of the epidural, you can count on the gas mask, the plethora of positions, and the massages to help you throughout the way and have a serene birth experience.
  • So don't focus on the pain and enjoy the moment!
13 Sep 2022

To the moms who’ve given birth vaginally and without any epidural or pain medication.. how was your experience? I’m due next month and I’m really nervous about it since I want to do it all naturally. I’m just curious about how the pain is and if labor or delivery was more painful? TIA!


23 Jun 2022

I have no fear or anxiety of Labor and delivery. Yes my first experience was painful but it was overall one to take in 😊 I'm over here trying to do everything I can not to have ANOTHER EPISIOTOMY 😭😭 thats whats freakin me tf out 🙌 IYKYK...if you don't know stay educated... Ask questions about every little thing and don't consent to anything you don't know about...at least not without an explanation ♥️🙃