24 May 2022

What are the conditions to get pregnant?

If you are wondering what conditions must be met for pregnancy, here are some answers.

  • First, even if it seems obvious, you must stop all forms of contraception in order to be able to conceive. Some women have already become pregnant while taking contraception, but these cases are rare.
  • Your menstrual cycle determines your ovulation window, the key moment to conceive.
  • In order for fertilization to occur during your ovulation window, sperm must come into contact with an oocyte as a result of intercourse and ejaculation.
18 May 2022

Hello moms! Is anyone else in here diabetic type 2 and pregnant or trying to be? I have gastroparesis as well. Trying to conceive and want to know are these conditions ok to get pregnant with.


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18 May 2022

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