24 May 2022

Being pregnant: what to expect

Being pregnant can be as much a source of happiness as it might be of anxiety and discomfort, so it's normal to have questions about your current or future pregnancy!

  • If your moods and emotions are on a roller coaster, your hormones might be guilty!
  • The physical symptoms of pregnancy are not always pleasant: nausea, fatigue, and weight gain are common.
  • Don't hesitate to pamper yourself and ask your partner and loved ones for support. It should be natural and obvious!
Paris Lopez
22 Oct 2022

Patiently waiting for my gender and genetics results!! Meanwhile bd is brining pizza and hotfries for depresso mommy here lol nah but feeling better these hormones are kicking my ass my first pregnancy was so easy!! Being pregnant at 18 was definitely more easy for me then being pregnant at 26 🤣🤣 girl get your mind right!!! #imtrying #justbeing100


7 Oct 2022

Anyone else sex life just went down since being pregnant? Me and my bf haven’t had sex since June I know a long time 😂😂😂😂!!! I just haven’t been in the mood for sex since being pregnant 😬… and he wants it but I don’t and I feel bad sometimes.. can any mom relate? Or have any tips to be in the mood ?


23 Sep 2022

Am I the only person who hates being “ pregnant “ like I love my son but I wish I could skip the pregnancy part especially in your last trimester it’s soooo uncomfortable ❗️ terrible heartburn that keeps you up all night I don’t fall asleep until 5 am if that !! aches !!! having to use the bathroom every 10 mins the CONSTANT kicking in my ribs makes me soooo frustrated 😩 ugh I hate it and I feel like ppl don’t normalize us mommies who absolutely HATE being pregnant you are not alone and it doesn’t mean you love your baby any less just because you hate the process 0/10 would not recommend just ship my baby to me😩😩 plz & thank youuuu ❗️


27 Aug 2022

It’s natural to worry while being pregnant. I think what a lot of people , and mommy’s themselves need to understand is that you don’t become a mom when the baby is born. Motherhood starts when the baby is in your womb. Don’t let anyone make you feel crazy for worrying or being nervous or overthinking. You’re just in momma bear mode. You natural instinct is to protect and to be aware. It’s probably even harder while being pregnant because you can’t physically see them. You just have to hope and pray that they’re okay. While you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy, it’s okay to be concerned. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or bring up concerns. It’s normal


3 Aug 2022

So before I was pregnant I was usually quick to get hot. Obviously summer weather has been torture since being pregnant n I know you can hot easier being pregnant too. But when I give birth, does that immediately go away? Like will I finally be able to feel at least a little cold? Lol I’m just saying I’ve been slow roasting all summer🤦🏽‍♀️


16 Jul 2022

Hey mommy’s to be 🤰🏾🤰🏼it’s Ben a while since I ben on here 🥴. But I hope all as well with all you mommies and baby on the way 👶🏾👶🏼 my message to you mommy today is don’t let anything stress🤯 you at all cuz it will impact on your pregnancy even if you a health person outside of being pregnant‼️ you and the baby in any type of way even if it’s just you having  anxiety or anxious 😦 and thinking 💭 too much. I’m a first time mommy and it impact me to the point in the hospital 🏥 and I will be meeting my baby 🔜 than I thought 🥳 I’m at my 9 months  Mark and I will seen my baby girl 👶🏾🌈🎀 Thursday I’m so  scared and  anxious 😬 but I know I’ll be fine cause the man 😇upstairs and my mother 😘is here with me  spiritually and my baby girl is doing 🎀💕👶🏾 awesome they just got me here for a lil  vacay and to Monitor me 😒 but i finally got my walking 🚶🏾‍♀️ paper 📄 from being pregnant 🤰🏾 it’s Ben a long 9 months coming and she’ll be here  finally in this world 🌍 I’m really excited & Ready 🤱🏾to meet my miss mama 😍 that was  baking I’m my tummy 😩 i hope 🤞🏾 she looks 👀 just like me 😭 but to all you mommies 🤰🏾🤰🏼be blessed 😇 be safe 🥹 and don’t worry you and baby will be okay 👌🏾 no matter wat it is . I hope you ladies enjoy your Saturday 🌴🌸 with your  bundle of joy enjoy yourself and weekend 🤩  #teamgirl🎀🌸👶🏾🌈 #Cerclagemommie🌈🙌🏾💪🏾💕#teamwemadeittoend 💪🏾🙏🏾‼️  #stitchremove


1 Jul 2022

Can you sleep on your back while being pregnant? My brother told my fiancé that I can’t and told him that I can’t sleep on my stomach I understand the stomach part but not the back part. He said it could suffocate the baby if I sleep on my back but I have never heard that. And do you think my baby will be okay if I wake up and I’m on my stomach? I’m not sure how long but I don’t think it was that long but it makes me scared, I never lay on my stomach anymore since being pregnant but woke up on my stomach today 


26 Jun 2022

So this is my first pregnancy I’m 31 weeks went to the hospital 6/25 because I thought I was having labor pains turns out I have a UTI this is the second time having one since being pregnant but this one is worse it’s hurts getting up or to lay down the pain is in my lower stomach has anybody had this before being pregnant


20 Jun 2022

Any postpartum FTM out there feeling extremely sad that pregnancy is over and you miss it? Currently in the woes of mild PPD and feeling lonely and isolated in the newborn phase. I guess I miss the attention of being pregnant, now it’s all about the baby (which obviously). A best friend of mine is a few weeks pregnant and find myself a little jealous of her being pregnant. I didn’t exactly have an easy pregnancy either.


16 Jun 2022

I already suffered from depression but being pregnant has made it so much worse. Doesn't help when your mom's side of the family is abusive trying to kick me and my mother out, calling the police on us. Just hurtful shit being pregnant by a man you can't even trust. Just feels like the odds are against me right now. Trying to stay strong but it's hard.