24 May 2022

What does it mean to be a parent?

Being a parent is a real adventure that can sometimes be confusing. Between doubts, worries, and wonder, the life of a parent is filled with emotions.

  • Being a parent means being responsible for a little being.
  • Educating them, reassuring them, helping them find their place, giving them reference points and limits: this is the role you take on when you become a mother.
  • And you will always want the best for your child!
  • However, being a parent is not easy every day.
  • If you have any difficulties, you have to dare to ask for help, whether it's from family or professionals.
17 Oct 2022

I’m having really bad depression and anxiety right now. I don’t feel comfortable even talking to my boyfriend about it and have no one else to talk to so I thought I’d share here and see if anyone else experienced this and knows what’s best to do. Basically I’ve been having thoughts of leaving my boyfriend and been regretting this child I’m about to bring in this world. I know I can be there and support and love my child but I feel my boyfriend, the child’s father, won’t step up and actually take being a parent seriously. I don’t regret my child but maybe more so who I’m having them with. Anyone feel like this? Are the thoughts gonna disappear? Or no because even when trying for the baby I had a feeling I shouldn’t. I don’t know what to do and just need some advice.


8 Oct 2022

Being a single parent is hard being young . Like fr fr


Titi Tolentino
23 Sep 2022

Hey mommas, this a lot so I don’t expect a lot of responses but if you read and have advice or can relate it’d be great! I’ve never done this before but I’m honestly a little desperate. I’m a first time mommy with no friends to talk to about my mommy journey. I feel like I’ve gotten over my ppd even though I wasn’t officially diagnosed with it I feel I’m enjoying all my moments with my baby. Now I can work around my sleeping schedule and I’m just trying to be okay with it being me and baby home all day even when dad gets home from work. My problem right now is dad, I’m married and I’m a sahm. My husband works and has his 2 days off every week sometimes they’re consecutive most weeks they’re not. It’s kinda hard to trust him with baby just because he gets a little frustrated with not being able to calm him down or it’s me getting frustrated hearing baby cry because he can’t calm him down. He always tells me it’s not fair how I can calm baby down so easily or put him to bed and it honestly feels like he has discredited all of my work and efforts into being a first time mom. My baby is 3 months will be 4 in 2 days and it hasn’t been a easy journey. I was breast feeding for my baby’s first 2 and half months of life and kinda didn’t have his support on it he would buy me lactation cookies etc.. but then would tell me that I should just do formula because breast feeding is a lot and stressful that I wasn’t feeding him enough because baby would still cry and thought he’d still be hungry or that I wasn’t producing a lot and we should just try formula. Eventually i gave in because I felt he was right. Out of the almost 4 months that my baby has I’ve done 85% of the night shifts I’ve dedicated so much of me that I just wish he’d understand it’s not easy being a parent, what works today May not work tmrw and it’s just a process of being patient and nurturing. Every time I try to help or give him advice he feels as if I’m micro managing him or I’m belittling him he gets frustrated with me every time. I try to put my input when baby is crying in his arms and tonight he expressed to me how he feels baby doesn’t like him because baby woke up from his sleep and he got up to get him but he just wouldn’t stop crying with him and I grab ahold of him and he calms down. I eventually put baby back down and he’s in the room I’m in the living room typing this. Being a mom is they best thing I could have ever done!!! It just gets lonely.. especially with my partner thinking I’m against him when it comes to baby having his needs. #prayforme


6 Aug 2022

My son came a couple weeks early but I'm still thankful, he is my first kiddo so with him just being a week on I'm very concerned when other people want to hold him, like I just got him why can't I have my time with my son. Also my mil is basically telling me I'm doing everything wrong, I let her hold him the other day and she just laughed at him while he was turning red crying. Every single day I hear a new complaint on how to raise my child. Emotionally it makes me feel like I can't do this anymore and makes me feel like I suck at being a parent.


5 Aug 2022

Being a single parent, its hard. I get no breaks at all, she counts on me and only me 24/7 and my mom is super supportive and be tryna get me to let her watch her while I get out for fresh air or something but its almost like I feel guilty if my mom even has her for 3 minutes so then I take her back. Idk. I just feel like it's my responsibility and I hate feeling like I'm doing doing my job.


24 Jul 2022

I gave my baby up for open adoption because I wanted him to have a whole family to grow up in. Otherwise I'd be trying to do single parenting. It has been very hard & very very emotional. 😢 I miss him a ton everyday & love him so so much & hope he knows he's very special to me. ❤️ I can't wait & hope to find someone to share being a parent with for my next pregnancy who is nice & commited & who I know will make a wonderful father.


5 Jun 2022

I feel like I'm at my breaking point I'm trying so hard to not have a break down but I feel it's coming or I'm just gonna snap on some folks I be tryna keep things to myself I really do I feel like my back is up against the wall this parenting life is not what folks make it to be especially being a single parent


22 May 2022

I've had so many miscarriages in the past so when I found out I was pregnant in April I was over the moon. Shortly after finding out my husband put his hands on me and told me he hopes the baby dies. Mind you it's his baby. I sent him packing because I don't want to put my baby at risk nor do I want it growing up in a toxic environment. This baby is everything I have ever wanted I just didn't realize I would be doing it alone. I have no friends and completely alone. I'm terrified I won't be able to handle being a single parent. I'm also very early in my recovery. Anytime i have a bad day my first thought is drugs but I fight the urge. What if one day I can't fight it anymore.


14 May 2022

Venting: Anxiety is so high. I just recently found out I was pregnant and was drinking and smoking heavy. Not being prepared is scary. The unknown is scary. Being a new parent is scary. I am 30 years old but a kid at heart. I am honestly dependent on others around me. Now someone will be depending on Me. Note to self: "You Got This" #gottastayreadyevenwhenyounot 😶😶😶😶


28 Dec 2021

Mommas! PSA: I have seen so many woman on here struggling about the father not wanting it, wasn't ready or isn't supportive. This makes me sad BUT Let's get a couple things straight. This whole fear of the man not being there and their excuses. PATHETIC! #1 They weren't ready to have kids yet but they have no issue having sex with you unprotected.🤷‍♀️(make it make sense) #2 Don't want the baby- Fuck him. God blessed you with that beautiful human you are carrying. Forget what they say. Remember that child is HALF of you be proud. Let them just miss those wonderful milestones. First laugh, smile, crawl, walk, talk, first words "mom"! You embrace those moments. Your child will seem like perfection. #3 - I can't do this alone- being pregnant and a mother is not easy. You will have ups and downs BUT you are important once you see that you will see that with your baby. Men can drag you down all they want but only YOU know what you can and can't do. #4- being a single parent- Hard, Tiring, yet so REWARDING. If the child's father doesn't want to be there so be it. They'll have to answer eventually. YOU do/did it remember that. Embrace that pride! #5 Find Support- it is never easy doing it by yourself or with someone. Make sure you have your resources that is the most important thing. Pay attention to your body, Ask questions, grieve, reach out. THERE IS SOMEONE WHO CARES! Love you all! You got this.