24 May 2022

Building the parent-child relationship

Between work and household chores, finding time to take care of your children can seem difficult.

  • But the parent-child relationship is built every day, right from birth.
  • A child doesn't need to receive a lot of gifts to be happy; a lot of love and attention will make them happier.
  • For a healthy, long-term relationship, take the time to listen to your child and share moments with them.
  • When your child is little, praise them. When they're older, ask questions about their games, take an interest in their friends and ask for their opinion.
23 Jun 2022

the biggest thing about my pregnancy I hate is the talk around my child’s father. people constantly telling me “maybe he’ll come around” “maybe he’ll warm up to it” but I dont want him to. I want my child to myself with the parent that chose her DAY 1. In our relationship, I told him I didnt want kids & after we broke up, I found out I was pregnant & every since then, there’s been NOTHING I’ve looked forward to most. so now, I dont feel like I should ever have to have the “im ready to be a parent” talk with him because it’s bullshit.