24 May 2022

Water birth

Even though it's not very common, water birth is nevertheless a calmer and more gentle alternative to giving birth.

  • Being in the water will make your body feel relaxed and light.
  • Water at 37°C will reduce the intensity of contractions.
  • It is important to know that if you opt for a water birth, you will not be able to ask for an epidural.
  • If you stay in the water until your baby comes out, there is no risk of drowning for them because they develop in the amniotic fluid during the whole pregnancy.
21 Aug 2022

So I need advice.. bad The closest hospital and the one I go to for my ultrasounds and everything now is.. and I’m not trying to be rude.. stupid. They are dumb, and rude. All I’ve heard is horror stories of friends getting drugged when they said they didn’t want it. Feeling like they were in a bad trip. My sister when giving birth even got told to shut up by a nurse. I do not want to go there but they do water birth and the next nearest hospital (an hour away) doesn’t but my friend went there and she said they were amazing, didn’t push drugs on her and they were all very kind to her. Im scared to be traveling in labor and my baby comes out, but I’m also scared to go to the one near me because THEY SUCK.


6 Jul 2022

Well, I had my baby on July 1st. Went through contractions all day, thinking they were braxton hicks contractions. 1 minute long- 5 minutes apart... My man and I went to our friends house for a game night and BBQ burgers... the pains got stronger throughout the evening and by 8:30/9 pm, I told him I wasn't okay. We got home at 10 pm, I felt like I had to pee so I sat down and noticed blood on my pad! I relaxed my body and felt a POP. My water broke!! I told my partner and he said," oh. It's happening. Okay! Let's do this!! Put some clothes on. Let's go!" But I couldn't move. I was drenched in sweat and shaking in shock and fear and pain. I called the hospital- still naked on the toilet- and told them I'm in labor with what little breath I had between contractions. My partner got our hospital bags together while I focused my breathing. He tried to put my dress on me but I took it off immediately and tried walking out the door with nothing but a towel wrapped around my bottom. Haha I got into the car and he told me I needed a shirt even though it was hot and I was drenched. So I complied, put on a shirt and off to the hospital we went. At this point, My birth plan had gone out the window. I planned on a water birth, music, pain management options- the whole relaxing experience. But there was no time for any of that. I was asked 3 questions when I arrived: 1. Name and bday, 2. Social security number, and 3. Do I have the urge to push. After the quick q&a, I was put on a bed and rushed to the very last room they had available. As the nurses sprinted me across the hospital, I could tell more and more nurses were joining the race! The whole time I'm being told not to push, as they check my dilation. Fully. Dialated. We got into the room, and they finally gave me the okay to push, and without pain medication, my pain got worse and my screams got louder. With every push, I could feel my body stretching and tightening and trying it's best to not be in pain. The nurses had me turn onto my side, held my leg up, and I could tell with my last push- my last guttural screams, at least 3 nurses left the room. I could feel my baby coming out with each push. I felt EVERYTHING. The head, the shoulders and hips and knees, the umbilical cord wrapped around my body as my partner cut off my shirt so my baby could be put onto my chest. I could even feel the placenta coming out afterwards. They tried taking my vitals but my body was literally shaking like I was in a seizure. I was in shock. The whole time I kept saying "I can't. I can't" but there she was. The most beautiful blessing I had ever seen. I've never fallen in love faster than I did on July 1st. #delivery #birthstory #labor


21 Jun 2022

When did y'all get your first ultrasound pictures? I'm 11 weeks been to 2 appointments and still haven't even got an ultrasound. He did check the heart rate but told me nothing about it. I'm about to just get another doctor. He told me I can't do a water birth which was okay at first bc not all places do it but then I asked him if I can at not be on my back for the delivery and he said I HAVE to be on my back. I told him that I didn't want epidural and he said since I'm not super athletic that I'll probably need it. I'm so pissed he's telling me I can't do anything I requested for my delivery. I'm okay with making compromises but not doing a damn thing I wanted? What do you think?


18 Jan 2022

Anyone else planning a home water birth?? 👀


16 Jan 2022

So how do I go about having a water birth I decided I don't want to have my baby in the hospital


15 Jan 2022

Am I the only one who feels water birth is the best?! 🤔


zsa zsa
5 Jan 2022

Water birth


4 Jan 2022

Is anyone considering a water Birth ?


8 Dec 2021

Have any one had a water birth


1 Dec 2021

Who here has done a water birth? Is it safe?