24 May 2022

Home birth

It is possible to give birth at home in order to feel comfortable in your environment, but certain conditions must be respected:

  • A home birth is not recommended if you or your baby have any known health concerns or if it's a multiple birth.
  • Make sure you have quick access to emergency care in case of complications during the birth.
  • Choose a private midwife who is used to this type of birth in order to create a trust climate.
  • In France, home births are still not common.
2 Jul 2022

I'm counting each ache and pain of pregnancy as a blessing. Itchy breast and achy nipples... must mean these tiddies are growing and producing that milk... Itchy belly and stretch marks... baby is growing and stretching my skin... Discomfort or pain in the hips and groin... baby girl is making space and way too come out... feeling emotional and crying over simple stuff and growing skin tags on my cheeks... pregnancy hormones hella on deck... swollen hurt ankles... must got plenty of blood and fluids in me... I refuse to be miserable 27 weeks and 5 days... 3rd trimester here I come... 10-15 more weeks... praying for 37 weeks at minimal so I can have my at home birth.


28 Jun 2022

Giving birth at a hospital? GHETTO #DoNotRecommend if i could’ve did a home birth i would’ve. Oh well, im sooo thankful this is my last kid and i will never have to experience this ghetto ass shit again. #MommyOf4


21 Jun 2022

Any moms doing at home birth? I am.. My mother in law is going to be there with me, along with my husband.. She’s had 10 babies, and all were home births lol.. So I trust her with me and my baby..😅


16 Jun 2022

I’m really considering a home birth. I was registered to give birth at a birthing center, but now my Dr told me that she’ll be switched by the time I give birth smh. I don’t want to go to the hospital she’ll be working out of


8 Jun 2022

Home birth what do you think about it?


4 Jun 2022

Me and my husband just talked about having a midwife and a home birth so I am asking all mom's and mom's to be what is y'all option on that ...... Need some advice ?


Nerriah 🌸🫶🏽
2 Jun 2022

Any mommas do an at home birth in a pool? Or heard any stories about it? Let me know!! I'm thinking about it


1 Jun 2022

Word of advice♥️ first time moms when labor is near please pay attention to your body. Go to the hospital when YOUR BODY tells you to unless you're planning a home birth. I went to the hospital when my contractions were 10 minutes apart water NOT broken or anything and MOST would say that's too early. 2 hours later I was induced because my baby had a fever in the womb and his heart rate was not stable. Waiting another hour could have been the difference between my son's life. It could have been the difference between me delivering my baby on my living room floor or in my car. I JUST KNEW SOMETHING WASN'T RIGHT. It was only GOD that I went to the hospital. Mommy's I would rather you be safe than sorry, the worst they can do is send you home if the time is not right ♥️♥️ whoever created that 311 or 511 rule for contractions (whatever it is 😅) is full of bs because women are missing their chance to get epidural and are delivering in their cars. LISTEN TO YOUR BODIES AND GO TO THE DAMN HOSPITAL ♥️♥️ this is heavy on my heart because my son will be one year old tomorrow and who's to say that would be the case had I not listened to my body on that very day 🙏🙏


6 Jan 2022

Is there any ftm having an unassisted home birth im 22yrs old and 37 weeks and just wondering how was your experience as far as preparing for it and also after your birth.


4 Jan 2022

My 4th baby and I’m excited for this home birth journey. Have always had a hospital birth but because this will be our last, we’ve chosen the home birth route. Anyone else had or considering doing a home birth?