24 May 2022

Vaginal delivery

A vaginal delivery is the most natural way to give birth to your child. It is important to know how it works:

  • The vaginal delivery begins with a pre-labor phase where you will feel the first contractions.
  • The obstetrician or midwife will check the dilation of your cervix and you will be taken to the labor room when you reach 3 cm.
  • If the contractions are too violent, you can ask to have an epidural that will quickly ease the pain.
  • When everything is ready, labor begins and you will push intensely to birth your baby following your contractions.
30 Sep 2022

i don’t wanna get a c-section 😭 but they said since yamilet got stuck and her shoulder was pulled ‘ there’s a 10% ( which they said is high ) for it to happen once again in second vaginal delivery 😭 but i really wanna try on my own again ‘ but she said cause yamilet was a big baby there’s a chance jeremiah will also be a big baby 😥


30 Sep 2022

Copied from Facebook, please get proper rest mama's! Repost We are told we need to rest in the postpartum, but so many birthing Moms arent told WHY. And sometimes it's the WHY that makes the difference between deep rest and deep regret. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ The average diameter of a placenta is 22cm/8.6 inches. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ You could say that it's the size of a side dinner plate, an average watermelon🍉 paper plate or a soccer ball ⚽️ for reference. It's also the size of the average placenta that we have just grown for 9 months. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ After we birth the placenta, we are left with a wound inside of our uterus where the placenta was attached. If we had this wound on the outside, say on our back or chest, EVERYONE would be telling us to rest and they would help us! Also, the placenta is an organ, that we just expelled from our body, if we had lost a kidney or an appendix, 40 days of recovering would be pretty minimal and probably unheard of. Our doctors and family would expect us to rest longer.... ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ The wound site from the placenta is one of the main reasons for postpartum bleeding/lochia 🩸We lose about 1/10 of our blood supply from this open wound! So whether you had a c-section birth or vaginal, everyone has this bleeding wound. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ It takes on average 6 weeks for this wound to heal. And this is just an average, because it depends on how much we rest, the nourishment we receive from food and support. So mothers who receive less may take longer, and mothers who prepare and set themselves up may heal quicker. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ The longer the wound site is left open, the higher risk we have for infection and hemorrhage, even if you had a safe vaginal delivery or zero complications from birth. But because this is an internal aka hidden healing part of the postpartum recovery we don't always take it seriously. And neither does our community. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ After birth we are hormonal, exhausted, emotionally vulnerable, learning to feed our baby AND our body is working hard to heal this huge wound. It's a lot. Do yourself a favor and REST and ask for help! ⁠⁠ If you are a partner or friend or family member, take this information in, SUPPORT is what they need ✌🏻


15 Sep 2022

Both babies are head down 🥰🥰 and almost fully dropped I think labor should be in the next couple of weeks but I’m honestly hoping I get to my induction date cause the particular day is special to me 😩 my baby shower is scheduled a week before my “predicted” induction date which I’m kinda nervous about but I need help choosing between a vaginal delivery and a c section 😩 my pcp doctor recommended vaginal if their still head down in two weeks but the ultrasound tech said the c section may be the “easier route” the experience I had pushing out one I want to agree but I’ve also never had a c section so idk … she gave me pretty good tips for after the c section and at least if I go with that they can schedule it now. I just want the easiest healing process possible ! #twindelivery


13 Sep 2022

I'm hoping to get my tubes tied after I have my baby. What was yalls experience? Did it hurt? How long did it take to recover on top of recovering from a vaginal delivery


16 Aug 2022

ASKING MOMS WHOVE HAD A C SECTION & VAGINAL DELIVERY BEFORE. Which was personally easier for you? I had vaginal with my first but c section with these twins so I'm just curious on which y'all found was a little "easier?"


13 Aug 2022

Has anyone had a C-section then for next pregnancy had vaginal delivery? I am nervous about the whole thing whether it’s getting another c section or vaginal. I tried vaginal w my daughter but then turned into preeclampsia and ended up c section but doctors are telling me I can try vaginal if I want this time just wondering your thoughts about the whole thing? What would you do?


27 Jul 2022

Failed epidural on twin vaginal delivery and I must say my body feels "back to normal"... If u know what I'm saying. Literally as if I didn't push out two human and placenta. Amazing Time certainly flew by


25 Jul 2022

For vaginal delivery how long did y’all wait to have sex ?


5 Jul 2022

I’m a first time mommy and only have 2 and a half months left before I give birth! Any moms that can leave some advice ab the birth giving process and share your experiences? I’m super nervous and hope for a healthy vaginal delivery. I’m so afraid of my doctor trying to force me into a c section.


14 Jun 2022

It’s annoying asf to me how my “friend” is so discouraging & negative about how my birth experience is going to be . Implying that “oh you’re going to a c section” this and that like excuse me just because I’m small doesn’t mean shit . I can have a vaginal delivery as long as the good Lord allows it . It’s all his plan . My plan is to do vaginal delivery I will be a little upset if that changes but as long as baby and I are safe that’s my main priority!