24 May 2022

Gourmet cooking recipes for baby

There's no age limit to eating well! Be a chef and help your baby discover new flavors every day through varied and delicious recipes.

  • After the first spoonfuls of vegetables between 4 and 6 months, you can start preparing varied and balanced dishes for the baby, always respecting the rules of food diversification.
  • From 7 months, you can offer the baby 1 to 2 tablespoons of meat at lunchtime (turkey, veal, chicken) or white fish (cod, sole, hake).
  • Fruit is also welcome on the plate, for dessert or snack, with compotes made from seasonal fruit.
  • The web is full of websites and blogs of moms sharing their recipes and tips.
12 Sep 2022

Me today: 😍 How about you girls? I'm 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my rainbow baby. I lost 2 other pregnancies and now, pregnant with my rainbow baby. I've been having crazy dreams of recipes to try out. I actually tired a recipe I recently had and the recipe came out pretty good, 😂😂😂😂. I'm alive, I'm so happy about this pregnancy and I'm kicking this in the butt to have this baby survive.


19 Jun 2022

❓🔴 Hello Ladies! I have a recipe for all of you that wants to have a baby including myself here 😊! i’ts been 2 years that i’m trying but still nothing! First my husband had a low sperm count and finally we found the right medicate for that! I’m from Europe but i live here,i chected myself here to many times and i decited to fly to Albania to have a general check to see where i am and it seems to be everything ok! They recomended my husband some vitamins to increase sperm countand it’s called ( Orthomol fertile plus men ) you can find them in Germany only check online,so i ordered them and they did work for my husband. He tok them for 3 months and now his sperm count is great 🥰. We need no stop thinking about it all the time every minute,cuz all that streess of course it’s not going to bring us nothing! Take 400mcg folic acid every day! The recipe that is working in every women i finally found it there and i started 3 days ago 🥰! “Take a red onion it doesn’t have to be to large just a normal one and choped it and boiled it for 5 min with 300ml water, and drink it but don’t put sugar or anything else in it! After 5 mins drink it as a tea of course only the boiled water of red onion 🥰.You have to start this from the 5th day of you cycle in the morning before you eat anything or drink anything,use this recipe for 2 weeks as i said every morninh and your stomach has to be empty no water or breakfast or anything else before drinking this tea! The taste of the red onion tea it’s not that bad Lol 😂 I’m trying this and it’s working in every women i hope it works for me and for you all! Stay positive,go walk eat healthy,drink more water 🥰Baby dust for all of you


8 Jun 2022

I know this isn’t a mom or pregnancy related Question but does anyone have a recipe for dish detergent or just even baby detergent?


17 May 2022

All moms🗣 how do y’all feel about the formula shortage?? And how do feel about the carnation formula baby milk recipe??


28 Apr 2022

I have a super yummy No bake lactation cookie recipe if anyone is interested. I'm definitely making it when baby boy is born. 😊