24 May 2022

The particularity of the mother-son relationship

As a mom, you are the first woman in your son's life. Here's what you need to know about the mother-son relationship.

  • You've probably heard of the Oedipus complex: between the ages of 2 and 7, a child identifies with the parent of the opposite sex.
  • Your little boy will invest all his love in you.
  • Avoid overprotecting him and encourage him to stand on his own two feet in a caring way.
  • Finding the right balance in your son's love is important for his future relationships.
  • It's the best recipe for preserving that unique and special relationship between you and your son.
14 Nov 2022

Hey ladies. I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 33 from ma. I'm on my 9th pregnancy 😳😳.. my first I lost at 33 weeks pregnant. Then followed by 8yr old boy 7yr old boy and a 2 yr old daughter.. since my daughter I have had 4 miscarriages and am now pregnant again. Thought I had kidney stones so I went to the emergency room and I had no kidney stones but a whole baby. I'm not with my ex and he unfortunately won't be a part of this babies life (for the better but still sad) guess my question is.. as a single mother of 3 (my oldest son is deaf and blind and has other medical issues) how the hell am I going to do this?? For the first time in my 33 years of life I'm just scared.. like genuinely scared for the future. Someone please just remind me that I can in fact do this!!


12 Sep 2022

So I broke my phone 3 days before I was supposed to be induced on the 9th which made me really sad bc I thought I'd lost all my pregnancy pictures and wouldn't have a way to document his birth like I wanted to. Well my MIL is so sweet. She showed up to my postpartum room today with a brand new phone for me as well as gifts for both my boys birthdays. She's so sweet, I don't deserve her honestly. I never in my life thought that I'd have a future MIL that loved me so much and actually cared about my well being and would even get ME a gift such as a phone or anything like that. I love her so much and love how she accepts me and my firstborn into her family. And I love the way she is with my firstborn, he adores her and has even started calling her GiGi. I feel so blessed to be honest. I've never had any family besides my own mother and it just feels so amazing that my boyfriend's family loves my son, mother, and myself like their own. Makes me so emotional that we have family now that actually cares about us and doesn't want either of us going without even if it's just going with out a phone for a few weeks.


11 Sep 2022

Up can't sleep missing my son and also miss talking to my mother or father rn just wish they could talk to me


11 Aug 2022

Literally feel so unsupported by him, 😪 that’s it’s tearing my mental health down now, 🫥 like it’s my first child with him even though he already has some of his own, but takes it like I’ve already given birth it hurts my soul , I know nothing about pregnancy at all this is so new that it’s like a new lesson in school, and to not have anyone to talk to even sucks more, I dead ass don’t even got a snap its mad hard we be arguing over the dumbest sh!t , & I always feel guilty & I really really break down. I guess I still have to love me 🤦🏽‍♀️. I’m a teen mother mom now , and definitely have to think about my son, but damn y’all I mean I could have waited, but too late for that I’m blessed with my son anyways right now. men be confusing me til idk what to even start to feel anymore.


6 Aug 2022

I feel like an awful mother. I gave my son a bath and as I was pouring water on his belly to rinse him off, some water got in his mouth and he started coughing. I feel so bad. Please tell me all mothers make mistakes and didn't mean no harm. Ugh what have I done 😣


27 Jul 2022

sorry i needed to vent part 4 we finally leave and head to the storage; the whole time she’s texting my bf still talking shit, calling us bitches, saying we’re not gonna have his back and see how long it last, saying he’s a shit son and to not come back. All this resorted to us going to my hometown to stay at one of my relative’s house (where he got to experience what family actually is) my family isn’t perfect, but we know what family is. after awhile he started back talking to her… which was uncomfortable for me, but i guess the effects it had on me didn’t matter. she would bring up what happened and would say she wouldn’t apologize for anything she said and would still bad mouth my me and my mom. that went on for awhile… until i ended up pregnant with his child. when he told her that’s when she wanted to apologize and put everything behind us saying we shouldn’t hold grudges. i told him straight up she wasn’t aloud to see our child at all… he got upset and we had an argument. then i said the only way she could is if he took our kid over there bc i wanted nothing to do with his family. then a similar subject was brought up… no our child will not be spending the night nor can she babysit our kid. she did it to herself… he then questions me and says, so your mom and babysit and our kid can spend the night over there, but not mine. you damn right bc my mom is the total and complete opposite of yours and i trust her with my child. unlike your mother who pokes fun and laughs at rape or treats her son like shit. I’m not sure if the relationship with him will last bc there’s no way she will ever be alone with my child nor do i even want her there when i give birth. i really don’t want her in my child’s life period… wwyd?


7 Jul 2022

So something I did not know was that my son being just under a year old is able to get a hard-on for like a better words. So it happened when he came out from the pool with my mother figure who you know has a son and is fully aware of this happening. I didn't know that was possible but that's not the the story for today. The story for today is that he saw it and he went whap! right on the tip of it and the look on his face cuz you know he flat hit the tip and I'm sure that s*** hurts and the look on his face right before he started wailing oh my Lord that was a quite hilarious


25 May 2022

Me and my babydaddy are currently not together due to his anger issues & his TOXIC mother who has made drama MULTIPLE times, calls me nasty names, and constantly lies to her son about mean things she’s told me over the phone/ in person. My babydaddy is a mommy’s boy and always chooses to take his moms side and defend her and assumes I’m the one lying trying to make drama, I have blocked his mother and him from everything & now continuously harasses me by making fake numbers to get a hold of me to threaten my life, threaten to take me to court, take my son away, call me nasty names and belittle me. It has been almost 2 months now and I am still being told by family members that my baby daddy and his mother are reaching out to my family to try and stir up drama again!! I had been with my babydaddy for 5+ years and ALWAYS had to deal with his toxic mother and her always trying to control me. I am now over and tired of her shit.. They are trying to take me to court when my baby isn’t even here yet, mind you my babydaddy is a active gang member who carry’s a gun and so is his brother in law who also lives in their house. I have made it clear that my son when he’s born will NOT be over to that house because I believe it is not a safe environment, there are gang members in and out of the house and lots of drinking. I told my babydaddy he can come to my house to see his baby whenever he wants but his mother wouldn’t be aloud in my baby’s life for all she has put me through while pregnant and constantly disrespecting me.. I truly believe his mother is mentally unstable and I don’t want that around my son. Any advice?


6 May 2022

When a man makes promises about their son before he is even born then after he is born none of those promises are followed through it just makes the mother angry and bitter and mad and take their frustration on the son She can be the best mother there is still do her motherly duties but she will complain get frustrated that shes doing it all alone when the father specifically said out his own mouth that when he arrives she don't have to worry about a thing meaning bathing him changing his diaper and most of all potty training him Mother doing all the work while dad does nothing is not fair! I know someone that work two damn jobs and comes home and takes over the night shift so his wife can sleep at night


29 Dec 2021

I am 19 weeks and still haven’t quit the habit of smoking my e-cigarette. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like an awful mother and am so scared my son will have birth defects. Any tips on quitting that actually work? I’ve tried many methods and feel helpless because nothing seems to work.