24 May 2022

How about homeschooling?

Out of passion, conviction, or in an effort to protect their children, more and more families are turning to homeschooling.

  • But what is it?
  • Quite simply, it's an alternative to traditional schooling where children attend either a public or private institution.
  • With homeschooling, parents are in charge of their children's education, while still following the current school programs.
  • Awakening to the world, art, but also English, mathematics or history... parents offer the traditional teachings in a linear way or not.
  • What about you? Do you feel like becoming a teacher for your children?
17 May 2022

All the evil shit going on In the world I get anxiety when I leave my house. You won't catch me out too often. My stay inside minding my own business game strong as hell. Home schooling my youngest and if my oldest wasn't already a teen and I wasn't 16 when I had him his ass would be home schooled too. Fuck the BS.


10 Jan 2022

Our 5 year old was diagnosed with autism at 4. He's now 5 almost 6. Suspicions he was at 2yrs. He's now in school and doing wonderful! The ASD coordinator at his school says his autism doesn't affect his schooling. He has speech Therapy and sees/plays with the ASD coordinator 2X a week. He's wonderful at school, at home he has huge meltdowns were it takes 20 or so kin to calm him down he throws things he tips over chairs head butts me in the stomach to get my attention when I'm talking to another adult etc.. My question is does anyone else have this going on? I give him full attention when he talks to me, cuddle him, love him fully, completely, Dad says he has Big Feelings. Which is true. He's super emotional, (cries alot)