24 May 2022

When the epidural did not work...

The panic is realyou've been given an epidural and despite everything, the pain is still there.

  • We've all heard at least one of those stories.
  • Because yes, we have to admit that sometimes the epidural might not work.
  • But rest assured, these cases remain rare and the medical profession has different techniques to help ease the pain.
  • A new injection, a change of position, an alternative pain management system... do not hesitate to inform the medical team that manages your delivery so that they can offer you an alternative solution as soon as possible.
16 Jul 2022

PART 4 MY EXPERIENCE so basically if you been seeing my post you guys know that they broke my water. This was before the epidural. She went in my vagina and had these two sticks that looked like chopsticks and just broke it. No it didn’t hurt I just felt lots of gush coming out. There was meconium so baby was in distress at some point but it is pretty normal bc my baby does have gastroschesis which her stuff is outside so it made sense. So the whole time I’m just feeling gushes of liquid coming out every here and there. They need see some blood as well they said it was bc my cervix was opening and thinning out. After my epidural I did get a catheter in obviously cause my epidural was working magnificent, I couldn’t feel anything I could kinda feel when I was peeing but not really and oh ladies so idk if this is anywhere else but I was always worried about hearing the epidural will wear off but at my hospital you can get the epidural at ANY time you’d like and you will ALWAYS have it. Once it is time to give birth they will take the catheter out and you will feel the urge to poop which is great and they’ll check you. I didn’t get to that point but that’s how they do it at my hospital. It’s basically like a saline bag but with the epidural and if I felt anything they’d come back and add more if I needed it. So definitely ask your nurses about that.