24 May 2022

The comforter, the baby's best friend

Here's everything you need to know about your baby's blanket.

  • The comforter is a transitional and reassuring item that your baby chooses very quickly after birth. It connects him to you and helps him cope with your absence.
  • It is from the age of 8 months, when babies experience separation anxiety, that the blanket plays an essential role.
  • A sacred object for the little one, the blanket can be a stuffed animal but also a piece of fabric or a scarf. It is often chosen for its flat shape and its soft and comforting texture.
  • Get several models of your child's blanket if possible to avoid stress if the original is lost.
Brittany 😘💜
12 Nov 2022

Baby Damon has jaundice and they put him in a blanket we have an appointment tomorrow at 1:30 to check his blood levels and go from there. He has to be in the blanket at all times nothing on but his diaper!


9 Nov 2022

7DPO I really don't want to be thinking about these things but I don't know how to stop the thoughts... ugah!! Thinking out loud.. I had a very short segment like of a dream that I was picking up a tiny tiny baby in a pink headcap and wrapped in a pink and white blanket. It was so short but so sweet!! Then also I woke up with slight cramping that went away not long after I woke up. But then when I was sitting at the table drinking coffee and taking my vitamins I had one single cramp that kinda started in my pelvic area but kinda shot down in my 👇😳.. and I'm also not feeling very well, have a feeling in my stomach like I need to constantly burp but when I do it's tiny and makes me feel more nauseous than any thing else... Also last night when I took off my BRAN NEW panties I noticed some thick lotiony cream like cervical mucus that had a pinky-ish? color to it?


4 Nov 2022

It scares me to think my man doesn’t know what the heck he is doing when it comes to our son, he smart at everything else but taking care of a baby he’s not 😅 two incidents made me realize that like when he put a blanket over my sons bassinet so the ac won’t hit him much and saying he’s fine he doesn’t need that much air like we do and then when he told me now is the time he can sleep with a blanket since he’s rolling to his stomach now..but no I think it’s the worst time cuz he rolling around he can get the blanket over him and won’t be able to take it out….men I’m telling you 🤦‍♀️ig it’s good I take care of baby boy 99 percent of the time..


Betty 👣💙
26 Oct 2022

I'm gonna get a bunch of personalized things for my lil man. I wanna get baby book, milestone blanket, diaper bag, and some clothes... Any other suggestions for what I can get?


21 Sep 2022

Crocheting baby girl a chenille blanket! Can’t seem to figure out the move to the second row. Anyone crochet and have any tips?


16 Sep 2022

Do you guys put a blanket or mattress cover in your bassinet or do you leave it as is? Send pics of how your baby sleep in bassinet. The board it comes with is super flat and uncomfortable.


13 Sep 2022

I'm so mad. It was my husbands turn at 3 am and fin got hungry at 3:40 so I watched on the monitor to see why i have such a grumpy angry baby when I get him back at 6:30. And I see him feeding him bearly anything. He doenst have a blanket in front of the ac unit . And he didn't even burp him he just held him upright for 5 min and then tried to put him in his crib wide awake because he was moving him him so much from arm to arm. So I go in and tell. How all the stuff he needs to work on and that he needs to actually burp fin right now. And he gets super mad and starts hitting himself in the head which I told him I don't feel safe and I need him to leave me and fin in the room. But i told him that if i have to take over his shift than that means he needs to do my work till he goes to work. But he says that he needs more sleep in the night and that he can't function on the 5 hours he is getting. Which isn't fair at all because he only gives me 2 maybe 3 a night and expects me to do everything. But he can't function with 5. And he's been getting 8 to 12 a night before last week. 😭


Keisha "Da Pregnant"
6 Jun 2022

So I'm standing in the post office sending out baby formula and this lady walked out and walked back in and handed me this beautiful blanket she knitted for my baby. She says here enjoy your baby! Then before I left the mail clerk says oh you have a package it's big do you want to wait for hubby to pick it up or what I said just slide it to the door. Tell me why its a big giant box of baby clothes from a friend I haven't even known that long. That was so sweet of her!


20 May 2022

Lemme hear what makes you a "bad mom" ?!? I put my baby girl to bed with a blanket every night until 10pm when she gets in bed with me AND I FEEL NO SHAME!


28 Dec 2021

I've been trying to get things packed for the hospital and I want to take as little as possible. Give me a list of items for the hospital for baby girl. So far I have blanket, 3 outfits, 2 pairs of socks, and headbands.