24 May 2022

Delivery with suction cup

During childbirth, it's possible for the baby to get stuck, and in order to make labor more fluid, the baby can be helped with a suction cup.

  • It is linked to a pump to ensure the phenomenon of suction.
  • The suction cup does not pose any risk to you or the baby.
  • The use of suction cups is a very common and painless method of delivery.
  • It is recommended if the baby is not progressing or if the mother's pushes are not sufficient.
  • The suction cup is placed on the top of the baby's skull to make it easier to pull the baby out.
3 Nov 2022

Anybody have natural birth no epidural? I did it doesn’t hurt like you would think. It feels like loosing your virginity but it just burn because it’s really tight. Also because everything is all natural you deliver soooo much faster it just comes right out vs being drugged up and being so numb you don’t really push at full capacity. I had Ta’Nya with the epidural I was so numb I thought I was pushing so hard they had to get a suction cup because I wasn’t pushing hard enough.