24 May 2022

What is forceps delivery?

Delivery with forceps refers to a natural (vaginal) delivery with a mechanical "push".

  • Forceps are metal clamps that help the midwife or obstetrician widen the vaginal area to allow the baby's head to pass through.
  • They can save you from the surgical procedure of episiotomy, which consists of incising the perineum, or even a cesarean section.
  • Forceps are safe when used correctly, but they do require control of your vaginal walls and the baby's head.
2 Nov 2022

Lady's my birth plan has been finalized. I wanted to share please take what you will from it or what works for you. I have see some mom's struggling to advocate for themselves and having a well thought out birth plan is what you want. For me this is more of a back up plan if I need to transfer to a hospital. Which I don't foresee but better prepared for the worst and hope for the best! I AM PLANNING MY BIRTH AS - At Home - Vaginal - Waterbirth - Unmedicated BEFORE LABOR BEGINS I prefer minimal - or no - vaginal exams or cervical checks As long as the baby and I are healthy, I would like to go at least 10 to 14 days past my estimated due date before inducing labor. Preferably, I would like no time restraints put on the length of my pregnancy. I would like to go into labor naturally rather than be induced. If induction is necessary, I prefer natural induction methods. If a non-stress test observation becomes necessary after my due date, I will consent to this procedure. I trust that my practitioner will seek out my opinion concerning all of the issues directly affecting my birth before deviating from my plan. In the event of a vaginal exam, I would prefer to not have my membranes broken unless there is an emergency situation. Please obtain my permission before rupturing my membranes. I would like to labor at home as long as possible. PREFERRED INDUCTION TECHNIQUES -Breast / Nipple Stimulation -Walking / Stairs / Birth Ball -Herbs (clary sage, rosemary, ect) -Diffuse Essential oils -Castor Oil -Acupuncture / Acupressure -Sexual Intercourse PREFERRED LABOR ENVIRONMENT As few interruptions as possible As few exams as possible To eat, drink, and move as I please IN MY LABOR ROOM I would like -dimmed lights -people entering the room to speak softly -music of my choice -to wear my own clothes during labor and delivery -to have a DVD player or streaming service available -to have an essential oil diffuser -Candles -Allow Doula to take pictures as she pleases DURING ACTIVE LABOR PEOPLE ACCOMPANYING ME Upon arrival (if transfer occurs) I prefer to have my partner with me at all times. Please no students attending my birth, only my necessary team members. Possible family members present during my birth: None LABOR TOOLS I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AVAILABLE TO USE: -Birthing Bed -Birthing Ball -Birthing stool -Tub/Pool/Shower -Squatting bar -Rebozo I WOULD LIKE TO LABOR IN OR ON… First choice: Birthing pool / bathtub Second Choice: Birthing stool and shower -Toilet -Birth bar or ball FETAL MONITORING During my labor and delivery, I only consent to external monitoring unless it is critical due to concerns the baby is going into distress, thereby needing closer monitoring. EXTRA PREFERENCES Words of affirmation and encouragement. Please keep my door closed during labor and delivery I would like unrestricted permission to groan, chant, sing, grunt, or moan during my labor. PAIN MANAGEMENT Please only offer medication if I ask for my options I would like to manage my pain with the following tools: -TENS unit -Reflexology/Acupressure -Walking -Breathing techniques -Distraction -Acupuncture -Massage -Water/bath/shower -Hot/cold therapy -Hypnosis -Meditation -Homeopathy SECOND STAGE OF LABOR As long as the baby and I are healthy and safe, I prefer to have no limits on my pushing time. I will ask for an enema if I need one. PUSHING POSITIONS I WANT TO UTILIZE -Squatting -Hands and knees -Standing -Lunge -Leaning on my partner I would like the freedom to follow my body and what feels right I prefer to have no episiotomy and would rather risk tearing. INSTEAD…I WOULD LIKE TO TRY -Hot compresses -Application of oil -Counterpressure I would like someone to guide me to breathe properly for slower crowning if I am showing signs of needing it. If possible, please allow the shoulders and body of my baby to be born spontaneously on their own. If the baby is having shoulder dystocia, I would like the opportunity to labor on hands and knees to allow the baby to correct naturally with gravity. If baby is breach, I would like the chance to attempt a vaginal delivery DELIVERY I would like to avoid the following at all costs: Forceps, vacuum extraction, episiotomy. If tearing occurs, please use local anesthetic during repairs. It is important to push instinctively. I do not want to be told when to start pushing, or for how long unless I ask. I WOULD LIKE -to touch my baby’s head as it crowns -have someone hold a mirror to see baby crown -to catch my baby myself / or have my partner catch the baby and have immediate skin to skin on my abdomen. -please keep the room silent during the first moments of my baby’s birth -please only do necessary checks and handling while baby is on my tummy. -please leave the lights dimmed after the birth. As long as the baby is not struggling or in distress, please allow us to respect the golden hour and attempt to chest crawl. Please do not separate me from the baby until we have successfully latched. I would like to have delayed cord clamping and only have the cord cut by my spouse once the cord is done pulsing. Please delay all non-essential routine procedures until after Golden Hour I do not want to bathe my baby please remove blood and leave the "birth cheese" varnix. THIRD STAGE OF LABOR I would like to allow the placenta to be born spontaneously without the use of pitocin or the use of traction on the umbilical cord. I would like to delay the use of pitocin unless my provider has concerns about me hemorrhaging. I would like to encapsulate or save my placenta and will provide a bag for it to be stored in my refrigerator by my placenta handler. NEWBORN PROCEDURES If the baby has any problems or has to be taken away from me, I want my spouse to accompany the baby at all times. I do not consent to a vitamin K shot. Please place my baby on pulse oximetry after 24 hours of life to rule out any obvious heart conditions present at that time, as recommended by the federal government, American Academy of Pediatrics and American Heart Association. Please do routine PKU Testing after 24 hours. Immunize the baby according to normal procedures. FEEDING My baby is to be exclusively breastfed; I would like the opportunity to pump my milk for my baby; supplemented with formula only if it is absolutely necessary. I would like to see a lactation consultant as soon as possible for further recommendations and guidance. Feeding on demand, not on schedule. DEVIATIONS CESAREAN If a C-section is recommended (non-emergency), I would like a second opinion. I would like to exhaust all countermeasures first. If a C-Section is not an emergency, please give my partner and me time alone to think about it before asking for our written consent. If it is decided to be medically necessary, I prefer to have a gentle C-Section. My partner is to be present at all times during the c-section. Please respect my wishes to be quiet during the operation (e.g., avoiding \small talk\with other practitioners in the room). I WOULD LIKE to remain conscious during the procedure. the baby to be shown to me immediately after birth. to have contact with the baby as soon as it is possible in the delivery room. to have a hand free to touch the baby. a low transverse incision on my abdomen and uterus. CARE FOR MY BABY POST-CESAREAN If my baby is healthy, and I am ok, I would like to hold my baby and nurse ASAP. I would like to sign any waivers necessary to permit me to be with my baby in recovery. OR: As long as my baby is healthy, I would like my partner to be the baby’s constant source of attention and contact until I am free to bond with them (i.e., holding, skin-to-skin contact, etc.). CARE FOR MYSELF POST-CESAREAN Please pay special attention to our nursing needs in recovery. I may need some extra help nursing after the operation. I would like to have my catheter and IV removed ASAP after my recovery period. Please discuss with me what I can expect to feel immediately following the procedure. Please discuss my post-operative pain medication options with me before or immediately following the procedure. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY I would like to be transported with my baby if possible. My partner will go with the baby if I am unable to. To breastfeed, express or pump my milk for my baby. To have as much bodily contact with my baby as possible. HOSPITAL STAY Full rooming in, no separation, no exceptions, unless my baby is sick. I prefer to have my partner stay with me for the duration of my hospital stay. I want my visit as short as possible I prefer a private room.