24 May 2022

Why sing lullabies to your baby?

It's no myth that lullabies really do have a magical power over babies. Here are all the good reasons to use them:

  • Lullabies are great for calming and soothing babies at bedtime or after they cry.
  • Your soft voice singing into the baby's ear also helps accompanies her while dreaming and helps her enjoy a restful sleep.
  • Even better, lullabies can be beneficial to your little one's health, lowering the heart rate, improving her overall condition, and even relieving pain.
  • It's time to brush up on your classics!
7 Nov 2022

So our daughter will be 2 months the 14th she has a pack and play she will sleep in there for bedtime but only for like 30 mins to maybe 90 mins.. she sleeps in our bed and sleeps 4-6 hours without wanting to eat. My parents tell me “it’s because you’ve spoiled her by doing that” when literally she’s never liked sleeping in her own bed. She does NOT like to be swaddled she likes to stretch out and she has a sound machine she doesn’t like the womb, or white noise. We use a lullaby sound and she likes that one but the thing is just not sleeping in her own bed. Any tips?!


14 Aug 2022

The word "mom" makes me think of being a nurse, cook, entertainer,taxi, protecter,lullaby singer, story teller,caretaker you name it but also being the apple of our kids eyes


18 Jul 2022

Sometimes i let my baby cry from 3-5 minutes after i have done ALL THAT I COULD. I get extremely exhausted. Is this harmful? (Please don’t judge) i feel bad after - but i would feed, change, rock him , put on baby lullaby, check temp, try to work out the gas (although i give him gas drops & that works!!)try to soothe him in all ways, ☹️😩try skin to skin