24 May 2022

Fertility window: how to know when to conceive

If you want to get pregnant quickly, your fertility window is limited to a few days per month. Here's how to spot it, so you can time things right.

  • Your fertility window to get pregnant is five to six days per month.
  • It ends the day after you ovulate.
  • Even with a regular cycle, it is not always easy to determine.
  • There are techniques such as the thermal curve or cervical mucus analysis that allow you to detect the hormonal variations that occur as ovulation approaches.
  • Be careful: other factors, such as infections or medications, can also cause hormonal variations.
20 Sep 2022

So I have 2 different apps and one says my fertility window starts today 9/20/22 and one that says my fertility window starts on9/23/22 and I don't know which one to go off of. Pictures in comments