24 May 2022

Low blood pressure during pregnancy

Dizziness and lightheadedness... During pregnancy, your blood pressure can take a beating. You're hungry, you got out of your chair too quickly, it's too hot, and then... everything starts to spin around!

Low blood pressure is one of the pleasures of the first trimester of pregnancy. The culprit is progesterone, a hormone that lowers your blood pressure.

Don't worry, during the second trimester your blood pressure will return to normal, so be prepared for low blood pressure attacks by keeping a snack on you at all times and hydrating properly throughout the day.

Mama mula
26 Aug 2022

Since all this stuff happened yesterday i been having hypotension, feeling weak when i walk and fainting today my first day back at work from my break so i hope i get my blood pressure up asap so i can function better