24 May 2022

How to swaddle your baby properly?

Swaddling your baby is more than just a ritual, it's also a fold to take. Here's how.

  • With the top corner of the cloth, form a triangle downwards, then gently place your little one on it.
  • Next, place your baby's left arm alongside their body, then fold the diaper under the right arm and gently tilt it to fold the cloth over the back of the body.
  • Bring the cloth up to form a pocket, then fold the other side over, pinning it back as well. Your baby's legs should be able to move freely.
18 Oct 2022

How do I know baby will okay sleep by herself. She doesn’t like swaddle and still manages to roll over.


7 Oct 2022

Considering hubby is a first time dad, I used teddy bears and dolls to show him how to swaddle and change a diaper last night. Let’s just say… the diaper, he spent more time staring at it trying to figure out how the whole thing worked than he did trying to put it on. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 And it was definitely on crooked. I definitely got a video of it. 😂 This is going to be interesting. He looked like a deer in headlights.