24 May 2022

The swaddling technique for baby

There is a way to swaddle your baby properly. Here it is.

  • Lay the blanket on a flat surface and fold the top corner to form a straight edge.
  • Lay your baby on their back with the top edge of the blanket at shoulder level.
  • Place your little one's left arm down by their body. Fold the blanket to the right and repeat the process down and across, tucking the end into a fold at the back.
  • Make sure her hips can move and her legs spread naturally.
18 Oct 2022

My 6 week old just rolled from tummy to back.. Do I stop swaddling her or should I wait until she rolls over a few times?


3 Oct 2022

I hate when people don’t respect rules and parenting styles that a parent has for their child. My dads mom, who is my grandmother and my child’s great grandmother, lives here on my parents property in her little 5th wheel camper. Last night my husband and sister and I brought her her mail. Now I have never liked her ever as she is a narcissist and is terrible. A small, quick, simple, backstory: When she moved here about 3 years ago she started telling my mother how she should raise us kids and she says terrible things to my mother and she is so lazy she has to have people do simple things like feed her dog when she is perfectly capable to do it herself. Also before she moved when I went to visit her she would tell my 7 yr old self that I’m going to grow up to be a terrible person and just terrible things like that… so I hate this women already… Well you know I figured I would try to be nice for once and let my grandmother hold her great grand child. Well as soon as this lady had her in her arms she started berating me saying that “this baby absolutely has to be swaddled”. I tried explaining that it has been wayyyy to hot for a baby to be swaddled outside and while we swaddled her when she was first born it just doesn’t work now.. and her answer to that was “well I just have a feeling she needs to be swaddled so you need to start swaddling her day and night”. I just dropped it so as not to start arguing but I took my baby and we left and went to bed. Before we left though she said “well bring her back anytime and I’ll be happy to watch her”. And In my head I’m just like “no ma’am you will not be watching her if you are going to try and tell me how to parent her”. Oh also did I mention that last time she babysat my 3 yr old cousin she let her run off and my cousin locked herself in a camper and didn’t know what to do and she was scared so she was screaming and wouldn’t listen to any directions on how to open the door so my husband had to make so he could get through the tiny window so he could get in there and help her get out.


12 Sep 2022

When did everyone stop swaddling? My boy is almost 2 months and I stopped maybe 3 weeks ago because my baby boy always gets his hands out and now it looks like he can almost roll over on his tummy sometimes🤗 so now he just sleeps in his long sleeve pjs I feel bad like maybe he gets cold? And I know a blanket isn’t a good idea, what do you ladies do?


31 Jul 2022

Is it ok that I stopped swaddling my 1 month old? my baby breaks out of swaddling since 2 weeks old.!she has a personal fan even if I manage to get her in an unbreakable swaddle or use the swaddle wraps she hates it


27 Jul 2022

I had to switch from breastfeeding to formula the other day and now all my baby does is cry and fussy. I’ve switched his formula already bc what we had originally got made him super gassy. I’m so exhausted and just wanna cry I’ve barley slept these past 2 weeks, at night it’s so much worse he’ll just scream and nothing I do helps. I’ve tried the gas exercises, gas drops, gripe water, bath, swaddling, holding him.. and of course his doctor never answers the phone.😭 idk what to do anymore


23 Jul 2022

should i be swaddling my baby with just his diaper on?


4 Jul 2022

Moms to be what’s ur take on swaddling ? Are u gonna do it ? I did it with my first born and he loved it my 2nd hated it lol I’m about to have my third child in September but I duno


25 Jan 2022

My daughter is 3 months going on 4 in February she was breast fed for 2 months and now she is on enfamil prosobee vegan formula because of stomach issues. She acts so uncomfortable and wakes up throughout the night still not even to eat because that would overfeed her but because she has so much gas and pain she cries and stiffens her whole body. I have tried prescription pep acid and gas drops also gripe water warm baths swaddling nothing really works. Does someone have any tips to help her with her pains or figure out what’s going on ?


16 Jan 2022

I heard swaddling your baby stresses them out... like putting a baby in a straight jacket. What have you heard? What do you think? Cuz I be seeing cute swaddle blankets but I want my baby to feel free


4 Dec 2021

Other than swaddling how do I get my one month old to sleep on her own without wanting to be held and fall asleep in my arms?